About Lucy – A Plus Size Girl

About Lucy – A Plus Size Girl

Being a big girl myself I always found it difficult to buy plus size clothing that I could go out and buy easily ‘off-the-peg’ like my friends.    I always had to go on line and if I could find the money order a number of different sizes of the same tops/dress just to see if ANY of them would fit. 

The majority of the time the on-line items didn’t fit or look right on me either.  If they fitted one part of my body, they would be too tight in another … and NEVER as nice or pretty as my mate’s outfits.   So I’d end up getting moody, throw a tantrum in my bedroom and end up not going out.

This really knocked my confidence, buying clothes turned in to a nightmare and for a big girl in late teens and early twenties that’s a disaster!!

Moving on, it has not got any easier! after having children and wanting to look like a ‘Yummy Mummy’ and for a big girl this can be hard, but after having TRIPLETS it was almost impossible.   

Talking to other big girls I found it wasn’t just me that token ‘Fat Girl’ clothes at the back of shops didn’t fit.   And  the few Plus sized stores were too expensive.  Therefore I made it my quest to find better clothing at sensible prices and realised there was a ‘massive’ gap in the market.   

With help from a good friend I decided to start up a range of plus size clothing … or ‘fat girl’ clothing as I would call it… and this is where it begins with real plus size models and using words that we get like “I want to hide my bingo wings”.

I am willing to discuss your clothing issues and suggest items in my line that can work for.  And if you’re in the Royston or Stevenage area I’ll deliver them to you for FREE.

Call me now on 07717 741558 and lets get you looking great.


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About Lucy – A Plus Sized Girl

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