How to get FREE Delivery in and around Royston, Herts.  Also how to use our FREE ‘Personal Shopper’ Service.

If you notice when you move your mouse over one of our clothing images it will swap the main image for a different image (normally a rear view), but also the grey ‘Select Options’ at the bottom now becomes a pink colour... as in the image below.   You will also notice two new icons (marked A and B on our image below) appear along side the now pink ‘Select Options’.   On the left (Marked A) is the ‘WISHLIST’ button and on the other side the ‘Compare’ button.   You can select the items you wish to look at from our range and save them on your ‘Wishlist’.   Then contact me so we can arrange to deliver these items for you to try on.   You can contact me on 07717741558 … Thanks Lucy

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