Plus Size Fashion Tips – By Lucy

Hi … It’s Lucy here at Curves With Confidence, and I’d like to welcome you to my first attempt at blogging Plus Size Fashion Tips (and hopefully soon Vlogging).   As you may have read on my ABOUT ME page I’m a proud PLUS-SIZE girl (or FAT BIRD as some would say).   Plus being a mum of Triplets (Yes three times the fun) I know what motherhood can also do for your body!

For years as a teenager and in my early twenties I struggled finding fashionable clothes to fit me.  Even now wanting to be a Plus Sized Yummy Mummy there is not much choice for us big girls in the Royston and Stevenage area of Hertfordshire.   So to cut a long story short, with the help of a friend I’m setting up my very own PLUS SIZE clothing store based in Stevenage, and I can deliver around the Royston area FREE as I live here.

As well as Plus Sized clothes being hard to find in Hertfordshire, I find it very hard to get real advice on Plus-Size Fashion and Beauty tips from real Plus Sized British Women.   Just do a search on Google or  YouTube and you’ll find it’s pretty rare to find a well-know British BLOGGER & VLOGGER for plus size ladies (sorry Zollea … your 10 Million subscriber Vlogs on SIZE 6 Primark dresses and 34b bras are NO HELP HERE).

…Actually the almost ‘perfect’ Miss Zoe Sug (Aka Zollea) maybe able to help you a little.  This is from her Blog called “Why are You So Skinny” …

I would look in the mirror and despise what I saw.

“why don’t I have boobs like my friends do?” “why do all my bones poke out at every angle?” “where are my hips?” “why am I so skinny?”

I absolutely HATED it.

So to put your mind at ease… its NOT only YOU, or even just ‘US BIG GIRLS’ who have ‘body issues’ … the ‘skinny girls’ do too!

I know as a BIG, curvy lady it is hard to find the right advice … and I also know that no TWO plus-sized girls are the same.  Take my friends and family … for example my own sister is the ‘SAME PLUS SIZE AS ME’, but what fits me doesn’t always fit her!!!  Or what looks great on her doesn’t look great on me.

I believe diversity is key, so I’m sourcing different suppliers, different styles and I’m looking for different models to bring you a better and dare I say ‘fuller’ range of clothes for you.     And give you a bigger boost in body confidence I will be working with a number of GUEST Bloggers and Vloggers to create a ‘Plus Size Fashion Tips’ support community.  I want to show you’re NOT ON YOUR OWN.

In America, they are spoilt for choice both with plus-size clothing stores, Models and Vloggers.   We don’t have any ‘Plus-Sized Supermodels’ yet, but there are some wonderful British Plus Sized Models and Vloggers out there and I hope to be bring them to you to show off their awesome sassy style and fashion tips real soon.

NEW Plus Size Fashion Tips

While I’m still setting up the business behind the scenes and contacting these brilliant British plus-size Models and Vloggers here’s a video of Americas first plus sized supermodel…

Plus Size Fashion Tips:  Here’s Cora Alvillar and her girls, plus-size supermodel Tess Holliday and fashion expert Chastity Garner, they are all about making a statement with style. No matter the occasion, no matter the situation, every lady should dress with confidence and edge. The three fashionistas break down their favorite wardrobe pieces and explain why each has proven to be a head turner.


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