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money launderersEveryone makes mistakes from time to time with small or sometimes large financial consequences. In this series, people talk about their monetary mistakes. This week Aduni Mariana (40), who is still feeling the consequences of a wrong study choice.

You live in Tilburg, but come from Curaçao. How old were you when you came to Holland?
“After high school, it was customary to go to Holland to study. When I was nineteen, I boarded a KLM plane filled with prospective students. Both my parents had done the same thing before returning to Curaçao when I was three months old. ”

Who paid for the study?
Curaçao paid part of the scholarship, and the other part of the loan came from the Netherlands. I was never told anything about money. When we arrived here, we got a few days of training on what life is like in Holland. First you went to the municipality to sign up, you signed up for school and opened a bank account. I still have it. We came to live in rooms in a student house. ”

When did it go wrong?
,,Immediately. With my study choice. Biomedical technology. I had cared for my grandparents, but I did not want to work with people anymore. People are dying. But I wanted to mean something to people. And I thought I had technical skills. I have always been good at numbers, math, physics. ”


I switched from Enschede to Eindhoven, but it did not go spectacularly either. Debt increased

Aduni Mariana (40)

What went completely wrong?
“It did not work. And I had terrible homesickness. But even though it did not go well, I continued to receive money from my loan, from which I paid my tuition, my books, my life. We got an extra loan for our rooms. After two months I said: I do not want more. Father said: come, but mother said: you will not come back without a piece of paper. So I kept pushing. I switched from Enschede to Eindhoven, but it did not work either spectacular.The debt has grown.

Eventually I went to Amsterdam to study kinesiology. To get out of my downturn, I participated in fitness competitions. I noticed that training was good for me and wanted to do more about it. My student aid ran up. I started as a nursing assistant to continue paying for my studies, and I also started working at a nursing home. So I ended up in care of someone who would not work with people. “

Did you get your paper?
,, My bachelor in psychometric therapy. You help people with their behavior through sports and games. And in nursing, I completed the Nursing IG training. But at that time, I had built up a huge student debt. ”


I still have not gotten rid of my student loan. But I have an action plan

Aduni Mariana (40)

What did you learn from it?
“I could not stop thinking about finances. I started researching it and am now certified as a Profit First professional so I can help other people with their knowledge of money. ”

Are you now debt free?
“I still have not gotten rid of my student loan. But I have an action plan and I’m paying off. I want to save my children from the same mistake. My parents did not know better, that circle I want to break. To pass on my financial knowledge, money as part of education. Why do people think that if you go to college, you also know how to handle money? During my studies, I learned how to create a survey, not how to read a payslip. While you are ultimately responsible for your returns and the loans you take out. In the end, through my mistakes, I found my passion for my job as a financial mentor. Life can be weird. “

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