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Pruning tour Geert Jilisen

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The Boerenbusiness Gewastour will follow eight plots with yellow seed bulbs this year. The participating growers take us on the growth from sowing to harvest and the decisions in cultivation. In this series of company reports, we introduce them. In the fifth part: Geert Jilissen from Oeffelt (NB).

On the border with North Brabant, Gelderland and Limburg we find the village of Oeffelt. A village near the Maas river, along which a lot of agriculture can be found. For example, Geert Jilissen’s company, about two kilometers from Maas as the crow flies. In the yard, the three poultry houses attract attention. In addition to farming, 35,000 broilers are also kept on the farm. However, Jilissen has already previously reduced the number of broilers. The plan is to phase out this branch in the future and focus entirely on agriculture, says the entrepreneur.

Company Description Geert Jilissen

Geert Jilissen’s mixed business is located in Oeffelt (NB) and grows around 100 hectares. This year, Jilissen’s crop plan includes washed potatoes (1 in 4), onions (1 in 7), sugar beets (1 in 4), cereals and preserves. The company is run by Geert, his son and an employee.

In the vicinity of the Oeffelt, the soil type varies from complete sandy soil to heavy clay soil. “My reasons are just like that from a real sandy soil to heavy clay with 60% clay content”. His cultivation plan includes onions, beets, potatoes, wheat and preserves such as carrots, purple carrots and green beans. The onion cultivation has grown from 4.5 to 23 hectares of own cultivation in the last seven years. In addition, with the seed combination – how fast harrowing and sowing can take place at once – more than 100 hectares of construction work are performed annually. Another branch the company is involved in is plant protection with other growers in the area. The Amazon sprayer covers many acres during the season.

The onion cultivation
Jilissen is in the middle of its seventh season in onion growing. Onion cultivation has grown rapidly over the years. The company now grows 23 hectares of onions. “Only yellow onions and everything has been primed since this season. Last year we primed a few acres and we liked it, hence the choice.” The varieties seen are Vento, Promotion and Summit. Jilissen has two wheels ready to water the crop where necessary. “I’m not the first to pull the wheel onto the track, but I will water if necessary.”

Jilissen is participating in the Crop Tour for the fourth year. The plot is on five acres this year and was sown March 14th. That made Jilissen the first of the participants this year. The Gewastour site is the company’s lightest site: sandy soil. The bulbs now show the second tube.

Risk-free sales
Jilissen has no stock in the company, so everything is loaded and sold ex-land. In the future, the entrepreneur may want to change his strategy and keep the product, especially now that his son is interested in continuing the business. However, he wonders what the benefit is: “If you do not have anything for storage yet, then you need to build a shed with the in-out storage equipment? In addition, storage costs and the risk. Start if this way of growing also goes well? “.

Agricultural combination of 6 meters.

Jilissen’s potato pot combination is ready to go on the field.

seed drill for 2.25 meters.

The onion harvester, with whom Jilissen harvests his and others’ onions.

Place the Amazon syringe in the syringe.

The company has a new phytobak. This is filled with a substrate mixture with microorganisms that ensures the degradation of plant protection products.

Jilissen’s machinery has been modernized, but not all machines are available for all crops. The contractor mainly visits during the harvest of the crops, such as potatoes, sugar beets and wheat. Sowing and harvesting of canned food is not done by himself either. Furthermore, Jilissen manages everything in-house and supports the contractor with the transport with his tipping trailer.

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