Coordinator for policy control

Coordinator for policy control

Ministry of Finance

Job description

Enthusiastic and committed colleagues, current dossiers and a lot of dynamism. As a policy control coordinator, you deal with many and very diverse files. And you are the captain and liaison of a team of about eight colleagues. A challenging combination of coaching and content awaits you at the Ministry of Finance in The Hague.

As a policy coordinator, you can work for the Cluster Tax and Tax Affairs cluster or for the Cluster Reimbursement and Customs cluster. The clusters each have their own characteristics, which translate into competencies that you can work well with one of the clusters.

Along with your cluster, you are responsible for reviewing the policy and its implementation for efficiency, effectiveness, legitimacy, and budgetary fit. You guide eight enthusiastic and driven colleagues with your enthusiasm, (people) knowledge and experience. The development of people in your team is very important to you. You are also the driving force behind a number of files and you follow the connection between and the progress of the various projects in the cluster.

What do you want to do

  • You are your cluster members’ sparring partner when it comes to content advice and decision-making on complex cases.
  • Together with your cluster, you will find a balance between building on the work of the controllers in the Directorates-General and making your own analyzes.
  • You maintain a well-functioning network of finance and control issues.
  • With tact and a sense of (political) feasibility, you spread the positions of the files in your cluster, you know how to defend them and create support.
  • You inform the official management and the finance ministers of relevant developments.

Coordinator for the Cluster Tax and Customs and Tax cluster

As the coordinator of the Cluster Tax and Customs and Tax cluster, you are involved in the implementation issues that the Danish Tax Agency knows and in the political dilemmas that the Directorate-General for Tax Affairs must deal with. In doing so, the Department of Finance and Finance (FEZ) focuses on the impact of tax policy on the ministry’s expenditures. Our management’s activities in the field are current and relevant. Think of:

  • Fraud Alert Facility (FSV): The Ministry is working on a compensation scheme for citizens and companies that have been incorrectly admitted to FSV. This has a significant social and budgetary impact.
  • Box 3: We are currently working on the implementation of the Supreme Court ruling to tax only the actual return on capital. The recovery has a major impact, determined for implementation.
  • The Dutch Government Court of Auditors (AR) / Central Government Audit Service (ADR): Political controls also advise on shortcomings and results from AR and ADR. This includes managing the commitment management and managing the information supply portfolio.
  • Work on implementation: In the next ten years, the entire government will invest heavily in implementing bodies such as the Tax and Customs Administration. The team checks the expenditure proposals and ensures that the funds are booked correctly and on time.

Within this cluster, you have frequent contact with colleagues within the Tax Authorities, DG Taxes, the Tax, Benefits and Customs Authority, the National Financial Supervisory Authority and ADR.

Coordinator Cluster allowances and duties

As a quota and customs coordinator, you will be responsible for the newly created DGs and quotas DGs and the DG Recovery program. The control directorates within these DGs are still under development. You support them in this as best you can. The DGs are very different in this respect: you know how to keep a cool head in the dynamic environment of quota recovery, but you also have an eye for the longer-term issues of tariffs and quotas. Examples of files are:

  • Testing of policy proposals aimed at compensating victims of the benefit case. Are the proposals effective and feasible? What are the costs and how can they fit into the budget? How do we ensure that fast execution is accompanied by lawful execution?
  • The coalition agreement contains proposals to simplify the benefits. From a policy control point of view, your cluster tests the impact of these proposals on implementation and the economic consequences.
  • Customs levies import duties. Many parties inside and outside the customs service are involved in this. AR and ADR draw attention to control and balance when paying import duties to the European Union. Your cluster advises on plans to improve it.

In your work in this cluster you will have a lot of contact with colleagues from DG Benefits, the DG Recovery program, Customs, DG Tax Affairs, the National Finance Inspectorate, the Tax and Customs Administration, the Benefits and Customs Inspectorate and the Legal Directorate of Affairs.

Job requirements

  • You have a university job and a level of thinking, preferably in the field of financial economics.
  • You have experience with budget issues in the public space.
  • You have experience in coaching employees and leading a team.
  • You have strong analytical skills and can identify risks and opportunities in complex situations.

Your competencies

  • Cooperation
  • motivate and coach
  • environmental awareness
  • analytical skills

Working conditions
Salary level: scale 14
Monthly pay: Min 4,927 € – Max. € 7,237 (gross)
Employment: Fixed-term employment contract for the purpose of fixed-term employment
Duration of the contract: 2
Minimum number of hours per week:
Maximum number of hours per week:

Other terms of employment

In addition to the salary, you get an individual election budget (IKB). IKB consists of money (16.37% of your gross annual salary) and time. With the IKB, you make the choices that suit you, and you can compose some of your terms of employment yourself. For example, you can choose to have part of your monthly income paid out when you wish. You can also convert this budget to leave and vice versa or spend it on tax-friendly purposes. The national government places great emphasis on personal growth and career development and offers numerous opportunities for this. The perks include various study facilities, company fitness, full reimbursement of your public transportation costs and partially paid parental leave.

Special circumstances

  • We are looking for a coordinator for the Services and Customs cluster and a coordinator for the Tax and Customs and Tax cluster.
  • We want everyone to feel at home in the Ministry of Finance and be able to develop fully. Because working together for an economically healthy Netherlands is what we stand for. We do this from different perspectives, backgrounds and insights because we believe it increases our thinking power. Everyone is welcome regardless of cultural background, age, ability to work, gender or sexual preference. With your unique contribution, we respond better to the needs of our society.
  • Would you like to contribute to an economically healthy Netherlands? You are welcome. You can apply by sending your CV and motivation letter. But we are also open to other forms, such as a video (with your resume attached) or presentation application (in PowerPoint). In the latter case, paste the link to your application into a PDF or Word file. That way, we can process your application properly.
  • The first round of job interviews is scheduled for May 9, 10 and 11, 2022. The second round is likely to take place on May 13. In the third round, you have a meeting with the director.
  • The classification for this position is based on knowledge and experience. This means that there can also be a starting scale.


The state values ​​a diverse and inclusive organization. Working in differently composed teams makes us more efficient, more innovative and work more fun. Everyone is therefore invited to apply

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