“Ecology and economics go hand in hand for us”

Transferring emotions and information to POS while offering buyer orientation: that’s been the goal of the Pack’nlog company from Linz for six years now. The innovative, targeted and predominantly modular presentation displays and store concepts are designed to help retailers reduce costs while increasing product flow and thus revenue. Director and founder Franz Leisch talks in an interview about the most successful concepts and their added value.

Marketing Manager Amra Avdic during Fruit Logistica 2022

Since the company was founded in 2010, the Pack ‘nlog team has visited several supermarkets and found that the spoilage and thus the loss rate is relatively high, especially for vulnerable fruits and vegetables, such as stone fruits and tomatoes, says Franz. “It is true that you can put upholstery in the bottom of the packaging so that the shelves look full without having to stack too many products. But it is a lot of extra work to load and unload the packaging, and the quality of the products is not for the better, which in turn has a negative effect on revenue. “

Eye-catcher is already in use in all Austrian Spar departments. Rewe’s daughter Billa has now also decided to introduce the concept.

The need for a meaningful and future-oriented solution has led to the creation of the ‘eye-catcher’ concept, which was launched about eight years ago. These are flexible inserts with which the packaging can be presented raised in all shelf frames. “The concept is compatible with the Ifco system: After many tests, we have found that Eye-Catcher reduces spoilage by 30%. In addition, there is no extra work at the end of the day when cleaning up the residual products. And lastly, but not least, with this concept we also contribute to sustainability because it proactively avoids food waste, “Franz outlines the added value of the concept. This is also in line with the basic thinking behind all Pack’nlog concepts. “Because ecology and economics go hand in hand for us.”

Modular product island suits this time
A few years ago, the Pack’nlog series was expanded with a modular presentation island. Franz: “On the one hand, robust displays are made of high-quality materials such as metal. On the other hand, disposable systems, such as promotional and seasonal products, have become commonplace on the market. A hybrid form, it is both robust and economical and simple to set up and break down was not available until recently, ”he describes the need at the time.

The product island consists of a mobile undercarriage, a cardboard or plastic construction, a flat top and the rest of the construction (shelves in several layers, individual boxes, individual products or trays).

The modern presentation island must not only meet the above requirements of the dealers. According to Franz, it also has an interesting advertising function. “The conversion can be printed as desired, which is optimal for conveying brands, advertising messages or product lines. We do not see ourselves as a classic store designer, but as a developer of holistic promotional and presentation concepts.”

Pack’nlog is authorized to use the logo of the Austrian Ministry of Sustainable Food Consumption.

Emotions, information and orientation
Finally, the dedicated professional points out the three basic pillars of his business. “The key to a successful product presentation lies in conveying emotions and information, for example by referring to healthy products, the authenticity of the growers’ faces or the regional product origin. In addition, we also want to offer consumers orientation so they can actually find it. “They are looking for. The success so far shows that we are right and shows that we are on the right track.”

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