Marc O’Polo builds a secure digital workplace with Citrix

Fashion brand Marc O’Polo (Stockholm) is building a digital workplace for all employees, where safe work is possible from anywhere. For this, Marc O’Polo uses, among other things, technology from Citrix.

According to the fashion brand, it recognized early on that the shift to teleworking during the corona crisis would not be temporary. The organization then began designing a digital workspace based on Citrix Systems solutions that enable their employees to work anywhere.

Creativity and collaboration first

“Our goal is to create a work environment where our 2,000 employees worldwide can develop their creativity and collaboration as efficiently as possible from anywhere,” explains Matthias Holzner, IT Application & Collaboration Manager at Marc O’Polo.

To achieve this goal, Marc O’Polo implements a range of Citrix digital workspace solutions that enable employees everywhere to have constant, secure and reliable access to systems, applications and data. The Citrix solutions used include: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Gateway, Citrix Analytics for Security and Citrix Analytics for Performance.

To ensure that collections reach the more than 30 retail partners in a timely manner, reliable access to a large number of graphic and creative applications is required, as well as the Enterprise Resource Planning software, which manages all the company’s production and sales processes. Citrix makes this possible, according to Holzner. “We are prepared for any kind of hybrid work and can optimally support a flexible work strategy. Using the Citrix infrastructure, our employees can log in anywhere and do their creative work. “

Work safely

Employees can also work safely. After the company was hit by a ransomware attack in 2019, Holzner and his team embarked on a complete overhaul of its IT infrastructure to improve security. With the support of Citrix Gold Solution Advisor Provectus Technologies, the management of the environment has been transferred to Citrix Cloud, so that only servers with virtual applications are still running on-premises. Holzner on this: “This innovation ensures that all updates and security patches are installed automatically and that the IT environment is always up to date.”

The new infrastructure also provides ongoing monitoring and optimization of the security and performance of Marc O’Polo’s digital workplaces through Citrix Analytics for Security. According to Holzner, this plays a key role in the entire company’s security strategy.

Citrix Analytics

The Citrix Analytics for Security dashboard provides a complete overview of potential risks and uses traffic lights to indicate where action is needed. In this way, many actions can be automated via policies. For example, if a user registered in Stephanskirchen logs in. a few hours later from an address in Asia, the account will be blocked immediately and the team will receive a notification. “

Marc O’Polo also gives employees a reliable experience using Citrix Analytics for Performance, which should enable them to get the most out of their work. By gathering all relevant performance data in a single view, the service provides valuable insights and concrete troubleshooting recommendations that Marc O’Polo’s team can use to quickly identify and resolve issues and mitigate their impact.

“We use Analytics for Performance to optimize our user support, as we can quickly identify why application response times are not sufficient for individual users,” says Holzner. “For example, we found outdated software on an end-user’s devices, which made login times significantly slower. We rectified that immediately. “

Easier IT environment

The new Citrix environment has dramatically simplified IT. “We spent an average of one hour a day checking each system,” Holzner concluded. “Now we can rely on a work environment that is always accessible and up-to-date.”

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