Mo travels daily from Maaseik (Belgium) to lead the operation in Tilburg

In September 2019, Mohamed Ait Lahcen (Mo) came to the factory in Tilburg for a temporary assignment. Van Geloven was very fond of him, and Mo himself would stay too. In the meantime, he has been working on site at the Kraaiven industrial area for more than 2.5 years. As Supervisor, he is mainly involved in leading the three team leaders at the factory and implementing improvements in the production process.

The working day

The day starts for Mo and his colleagues with a morning meeting. “We start with a briefing of the last 24 hours (3 shifts). The factory here runs twenty-four hours a day. Then we discuss everything with colleagues from the support services’ quality, planning, technical service and product development. We take a closer look at what problems have arisen and how we have solved them. I primarily take care of managing and improving the processes. ”

Mo is what he calls a ‘farmer in the field’. He is often present on the shop floor at the factory and less in the office. “My job is to lead the team leaders, make adjustments where necessary, guarantee safety, and if employees point out what could be done better, then I take action quickly.” Mo is called. A package is waiting for him. “I ordered a set of tools. I’m going to test it, and if it goes well, I’ll order more so each operator has their own tools to use.” Every day he is busy optimizing the work.


“We are expanding from three to five teams. We recently started with this. This means that we also work on the weekends. There is a great demand for our products, which means that we have room to scale up. ” This growth is also the reason why Van Geloven is looking for new employees. Currently, the company is already operating on one production line over the weekend. “Did you know that more than 350 different products are made here? There are about ten or twenty on each line, ”says Mo. Our goal is to make quality products in a safe way at the right price. “You’re not just a number in this business,” Mo says, referring to an applicant from last week. “He immediately noticed that the atmosphere here is friendly and he really wanted to come and work here,” he adds proudly. Mo speaks not only about the company with great passion, but also with great pride. I am most proud of the current work atmosphere that prevails. We currently have only one team of winners striving for the highest quality. Every day again. We have a high degree of responsibility. I personally find it important, because alone you can do a little. You can do everything.

From Belgium

In the past, Mo has held a management position at a well-known car factory. After thirty years of work, the factory moved abroad. At that moment, Mo came in contact with Van Geloven. “I first worked for five years at Mora in Mol, Belgium. There they asked me if I would oversee a project in Tilburg. I was happy about that, and then I became supervisor here. ” As production manager with the ultimate responsibility, Mo has already implemented many improvements in the company. Mo drives every day from Maaseik (Belgium) to Tilburg, a journey of 100 km one way, to roll up his sleeves at Van Geloven. “I like this, mainly because of the good team around me.”


Van Geloven takes good care of his staff. From time to time, people are put in the spotlight. For example, we have our “Impactmakers”, who are employees who make the difference in our 3 core values ​​(Connection, Improvement, and Responsibility. I recently recommended this weekend’s cleaning team for their good efforts and work, they all received a voucher of one hundred euros In addition, the same amount is donated to a charity that they can choose for themselves. “Mo takes out his phone. He shows an app specifically for the company, SnackChat. Several milestones are passed on the app.” There is great appreciation from the employees, it gives us extra stimulation.Everyone has their qualities and it is seen here.

More information

Would you like to start working at the Van Geloven snack factory as a result of this story? So quickly check the vacancies and apply directly. For the series ‘Faces of Van Geloven’ we interview various employees in the company. Earlier we wrote about Site Manager Nicole and Operator Mario. A more personal story follows later. Keep an eye on our site!

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