‘People are the gold in your business’

“There is no organization without people”, is the conviction of Marion Teesink, founder and owner of Eqib | The human factor. The company believes that people determine the success of an organization. Eqib wants to grow to continue to bind its own people, something where digitization plays an important role. Marion: “Our intention is to be the market leader in the Northeast of the Netherlands by 2029.”

Marion founded Eqib 19 years ago. What she started alone quickly became a partnership with Ellen Groothuis and Joost Olde Weghuis. Eqib stands for Excellent Quality In Business. For that is the goal of Eqib: to contribute to the quality of organizations. In recent years, Eqib has expanded its recruitment services with HR and organizational consulting.

Market leader in the northeast of the Netherlands

What started with a branch in the eastern part of the country grew to three branches in Hengelo, Deventer and Zwolle. The ambition is great. Eqib wants to continue to bind and captivate its people. Marion: “People are the gold in your business. If you want to keep the people you love, you’ll have to keep moving. If we want to remain interesting to our people, we need a plan for the future, a goal. “And that goal is clear to Marion:” As an HR business partner and advisory party, Eqib wants to be the market leader in the Northeast of the Netherlands by 2029. “

‘You can not automate the human factor’

As a full HR business partner, Eqib helps organizations achieve their goals and get the right people in the right place. Marion: “At Eqib, we engage in discussions with organizations and people about who they are and where they want to go. The fact that we can play a role in this makes the work for Eqib something special. Whether it is recruitment, organizational or team development. There are all kinds of flavors we can offer to make organizations better. “The human factor that gives people a role in the organization is paramount. Both with the customer and in their own organization. Marion:” One of our core values ​​is ‘right’ . That you are genuine and can be yourself so that you can tell in your own way what Eqib stands for. You can not automate the human factor. “

Marion Teesink: “The human factor that gives people a role in the organization is paramount.”

Always works with innovation and development

For what you can automate, Eqib teamed up with RecruitNow last year. One of the steps to reach the big goal for 2029. “Do not think you will get ahead by continuing to do things the way you have always done them,” Marion says. “Digitization is important. We could easily have worked on our old application, but we are ambitious. We always work with innovation and development, something we also advise our customers. ” Because the existing application did not always keep up with the development of Eqib, a better alternative was sought.

Digitization enhances human touch

“We were looking for a new system to actively support our recruitment process. A system with a certain degree of efficiency and in good relation to the marketing and commercial part of the profession,” says Marion. The choice fell on RecruitNow’s ATS Cockpit. Marion: ” RecruitNow offers opportunities such as a faster turnaround time for further development of cases in the organization. A necessity if you want to grow and develop. The software is more innovative in trade. Something we need. ” But the human dimension, which is at the forefront of Eqib, can also be found in the Cockpit, says Marion. ATS provides an opportunity to take into account the human ‘touch’ that we consider important. For example, where other systems automatically reject people based on their resume, this software does not. That way, we as humans can perform the screening. ”

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Informative implementation process

Eqib was the first recruitment and selection agency to work with the ATS Cockpit, which until then had been mainly focused on the temporary staffing sector. Both a challenge and a good opportunity for both parties. “We were the first partner in recruitment and selection, so things came up that had not been thought of before,” says Marion. This resulted in an implementation process where both parties learned a lot from each other and Cockpit was further developed for the recruitment and selection market. “Both parties have put a lot of energy into it, but have also benefited from it.”

The biggest challenge during the implementation was the data migration. Due to the large amount of data from Eqib, this is a gigantic operation. Marion: “Data migration was tough. But we got there with a good project manager on our side and a good collaboration. ”

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An ATS with ‘the human factor’

Marion: “We have been working with Cockpit for a year now. It ensures efficiency in the digital recruitment process and gives us new insights into the commercial process. We are not making the most of it at the moment, but it is a matter of time and attention. With this system you can relatively easily get leads into the picture, e.g. The system also automatically provides suitable vacancies for candidates. Following a signal from the system, we can contact a customer or candidate ourselves. It is again the part of the human dimension that we believe in. The human factor. “

This article was created in collaboration with RecruitNow.

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