Staff Officer Capacity & Finance

Staff Officer Capacity & Finance
36 hours a week

The urban development cluster in Leiden municipality is visible everywhere in the city. Whether it is about the construction of new homes, the energy transition or the transition to clean mobility and a sustainable living environment. We as a cluster are responsible for that. In order to organize all this properly internally in terms of people and resources, we are looking for a smart and humorous colleague who will help us make the city of Leiden even more beautiful. Maybe something for you? Please read on.

WE offer you a job as a personnel consultant with a focus on capacity and finances for the director and management team in the Urban Development (SO) cluster. SO is a dynamic cluster where variation is daily practice and quality is the norm. Together we make the city more beautiful!

We drew up a change plan in 2021 and rearranged the cluster. We have gone from four to five departments. This layout provides a better basis for the employees and for the performance of the tasks we face. We work with horizontal management, increased strategic capacity and efficient work processes. You play an important role in further developing our strategy and helping to further shape our business operations. You are a proactive advisor and sparring partner for the director and the management team.

YOU You are a sparring partner for the director and the management team together with a senior financial adviser. Your most important task is to implement business operations optimally for urban development in Leiden. You therefore manage business processes such as annual capacity estimates, risk statements and products for the claims and claims cycle. You advise on resource use and any adjustments using a well-organized system of reports, monitoring and adjustments. You are the spider in the web in terms of scheduling and time accounting. You coordinate the departments’ preparation of the schedule and its translation to the TIM time registration system. You advise management on a smart design of this system. You offer structure and predictability by annually compiling a calendar that contains the important moments and deadlines in a logical context. It is truly a spider-in-the-web feature where you connect, collaborate and at the same time independently initiate and take action for improvement.

In this position, you will work closely with the other personnel advisor within SO, who focuses on management and organization. You can replace each other if necessary. Together you ensure a flexible organization and business operations and you relieve the director and managers. You also work with the cluster’s and departments’ financial advisors.

You build on improvements in processes and reports that are implemented by the quartermaster you follow. Your position is new in SO and there are still many big steps to take. It is up to you, based on the quartermaster’s change plan and together with all colleagues inside and outside SO, to further develop the business. In addition to a strategic overview, your work also requires a hands-on mentality with a focus on capacity, SO’s capital. Ultimately, the cluster wants to reach as much as possible in the city with the available capacity and resources.

Here Vanessa tells a little more about the work as quartermaster capacity and finances at Byudvikling: At SO, we build the city with ambitions and enthusiasm. The work done is very diverse. In your role, you support the cluster director and department heads in realizing these ambitions. If you enjoy connecting practice with solid and reliable business operations, SO is the right place for you! ”

YOU is a professional conversation partner for the management of Urban Development. You have a positive attitude and good counseling skills. Because in this position you have a lot of contact with colleagues from different internal departments, it is necessary that you are cooperative. Proactive action is essential in this position, you quickly see what you can do yourself and where you should leave the matter to your director. Your good analytical skills are obvious. You are a star in planning and structuring and you do not fall over so easily when a deadline comes in sight. You also have a comfortable writing style.

We also ask you:

  • A relevant HBO diploma and demonstrable affinity with business processes.
  • Excellent numerical and analytical insight.
  • Knowledge of project and process work.
  • The talent to make resolute improvements in a comfortable way.
  • Strong communication skills, both orally and in writing.
  • A proactive, critical and enthusiastic attitude.

OFFER for you is a 36-hour working week and a gross salary of a maximum of € 5,372 for a 36-hour working week (scale 11). In addition, we offer you:

  • A permanent position (with probationary period).
  • An informal work environment where we work with dedication and joy to achieve the best results for our residents.
  • Professional work environment, where we are aware of your personal development, for example with the wide range of workshops and courses in our ‘Academie71’.
  • Excellent perks that you can choose yourself via an Individual Choice Budget (17%). You get this IKB on top of your salary.
  • Influence on your working hours: Part-time work from home is the norm.
  • You get a cell phone and laptop.

OUR WISE works with policies, programs and projects on sustainable urbanization of the city. Together with colleagues and partners, Urban Development employees contribute to the development of an attractive and vital city of knowledge as part of a powerful region. The tasks to be worked on are numerous; we work with policies and tasks for economy, housing, mobility, culture, living environment and sustainability and with a lively inner city. In programs and projects, we work with sustainability, mobility and area development. We manage and make our real estate more sustainable. We are preparing physical plans and are busy implementing the environmental law. Urban development is a varied cluster and responsible for how the city develops spatially.

ENTHUSIASTIC be? But do you want more substantial information first? You are welcome to contact Adrian Los, Director of Urban Development, on 06-1188 5075. Do you have questions about the application procedure? Please contact Paul Stad on telephone number 06-29401964. Or look for more information about the organization at

Application procedure
The position is open until Sunday, May 15th† Apply now via the application form On our homepage. On Monday, May 16, we will evaluate all responses and continue to invite or reject. We have made room in our agenda for the job interviews on Wednesday 18 May. Please note that the vacancy notice disappears after the expiration date of this website.

TO LEAD is lively, social and enterprising. It is the city of knowledge and culture with a rich history. We are proud of it. Our municipal organization is characterized by a collegial and open work environment, with plenty of room for innovative ideas and a refreshing view. Our employees feel responsible and tackle their work independently and professionally. Our ambition is to be an agile organization that is also a good reflection of our city’s diverse inhabitants. It does not matter what your heritage is, what you believe in, or who you love; we want to be an organization where everyone feels at home!

We are looking for colleagues who can help us build a sustainable, social and future-proof city and municipality.

We are Leiden Municipality.
Who are you?

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