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Generel information

Houten municipality is a beautiful medium-sized municipality that has grown from a village with 7000 inhabitants to a municipality with 50,000 inhabitants. Every day, the 330 colleagues help to make Houten a comfortable place to live. The culture is informal and the colleagues are there for each other. The door is literally and figuratively open to you, even digitally! Houten municipality’s flat structure with 12 collaborating teams provides plenty of space for own initiative, ownership and personal development.

Functional information

You are responsible for the further development of the finance function in the organization. That process starts with the implementation and organization of the new finance and procurement team. You focus on realizing the team’s tasks and innovation. With your knowledge of the municipal financial organization and affiliation with the procurement process, you as an experienced manager will find it fun and challenging to work with your employees on the challenges for this newly formed team in the coming years. Division of tasks, process agreements and mutual cooperation have yet to be crystallized. The division of labor and the collaboration with the new Control Team (which includes concern and business control and AO / IC) also has a development path to go through.

Important questions that need to be answered and for which you are responsible: How should we implement the efforts of a transparent and efficient structure of the financial organization’s tasks and internal control? How do we ensure an efficient business office function that can guarantee continuity in optimal and consistent support for the internal customer? How do we ensure continuous improvement of our business processes? How do we ensure that buying advice is obtained in a timely manner?

Your team consists of professionals who are open to this development and who want to use their expertise for it.

Additional tasks as a manager and advisor:

  • You are responsible for developing and implementing the finance function throughout the organization, taking into account the framework set by concern control.
  • You implement the team’s annual plan, which you have prepared with active input from the team members, and which is in line with the organization’s goals, with the other teams and with a good balance and capacity distribution between going concern (team) and programs (transcending teams). You agree this with the management.
  • You lead the coordination process with the portfolio holder with respect to the team’s domain, and you are responsible for strategic financial advice to management and the board.
  • You are responsible for the management of the team within the stipulated framework. You hold a periodic interview / progress interview with the director and in the meantime consult with the director in the event of deviations from the mandate.
  • You are a real sparring partner for your employees. Gives them space and stimulates them in the learning and development process. You coach and support them in how they can organize the work themselves, and you can help to prioritize and make choices within the organization. You ensure a comfortable and professional working environment.
  • You lead and coach employees in integrated work and process-oriented work. Promotes ownership and self-organizing ability. Facilitates, leads and connects team members in their role, position and in the process.
  • You seek active (random or structural) collaboration with other teams from content interfaces and you realize and promote horizontal collaboration between team members and with other teams.
  • You attend the weekly team leader meeting, where issues of concern are discussed with board members. In addition, there is an informal consultation where team leaders have room for peer review and reflection.

What does your working day look like?
No working day is alike in this dynamic position. Especially in the initial period, emphasis will be placed on setting up functions, division of tasks and roles and work agreements within your team. In the first year, great emphasis will be placed on moving forward in the renewal process that the team is going through. The intensive contact you have with the municipal secretary will often be aimed at establishing and improving the management of the financial organization. You also talk to each other about complex issues, which you provide strategic, financial advice to the board, the portfolio holder for finance and the municipal council.

From your management responsibilities, you are in good contact with your team members about progress in their work and the coaching, supportive role that this requires of you. The current workload sometimes requires us to prioritize together. You regularly discuss the overall business operations with your human resources advisors, enabling you to initiate processes in a timely manner to ensure you have the necessary resources to carry out your team’s tasks. You will also be part of the 14-week team leader meeting, where group-wide management issues and developments are discussed with the board.

Which team do you want to join?
As a team leader, you are part of a group of 11 team leaders led directly by the two-man leadership.

You will lead this newly formed finance and procurement team (more than 23 positions), which will lead the economic policy, advice, support and management in the organization. Four departments have been formed within this new team structure:

  • Fiscal policy: ensuring a current policy framework (preparation, coordination and preparation of P&C products) on which the economic organization is built on the basis of and to support sound financial management.
  • Financial advice and support: supports our teams in the execution of the operational processes (including the P&C cycle) and advises on the relationship between politics and economics, in order to achieve the organization’s goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • Procurement & Grant Advice: advises and supports in procurement and tendering processes so that available resources are used efficiently, effectively and legally. In addition, the Purchasing and Purchasing Policy is updated, it is responsible for setting the subsidy ceiling and optimizing the (digital) process of granting subsidies.
  • Financial administration: responsible for the administrative processing and management of financial data that can be accessed in an accessible way for the preparation of the financial statements. This gives an accurate picture of Houten municipality’s assets and results.

What we ask about

You have:

  • At least an HBO work and thinking level.
  • Extensive management experience with financial management.
  • Experience with implementation of financial processes.
  • Extensive knowledge of municipal finances.
  • Sufficient affinity with purchasing processes.

The requested generic competencies are:

  • Coaching and development-oriented management.
  • Advisory.
  • Collaborate and connect.
  • Environmentally conscious.
  • Communicative.
  • Innovative.
  • Practical and enterprising.
  • Planning and organization / management.

You have a well-developed sense of political-administrative relations and you are aware of the social and political developments. You respond to that and can translate this into the way you coach and support the employees of your team.

You are flexible and involved and have a ‘hands on’ mentality. You can work well together, take initiative and know how to get things done. You are stress-resistant and can quickly switch between things. You have a healthy dose of humor and the ability to put things in perspective.

What we offer

We offer you a very varied job with a clear position within MT and an advisory role at a strategic level, which places you in a direct and short line to management and the board. Houten facilitates you in the best possible way in the daily coaching and your ambitions within personal development.

The salary depends on education and experience. For candidates who meet all the requirements, the maximum scale is 13 (max. € 6,616). Because this is a new position, another job evaluation needs to take place.

Application procedure

Recruitment and selection for this position is handled by JS Consultancy.

An assessment can be part of the procedure.

For more information about the position, please contact Elsbeth Braam, 06-33321986

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