Top Just Eat Takeaway under fire at ava, COO on inactive

1. Top Just Eat Takeaway under fire at ava, coo on non-acief

Just Eat Takeaway has had a troubled shareholders meeting. Shortly before the start, the food delivery company announced that the reappointment of COO Jörg Gerbig had been taken off the agenda. The driver has been suspended from active duty following allegations of misconduct during a company party. The incident is under investigation.

Investors strongly criticized the directors when the company lost three-quarters of its market capitalization last year. The main goal is the – in some eyes expensive – takeover of American Grubhub. Activist shareholder Cat Rock Capital called for CFO Brent Wissink to leave. Cat Rock Capital and Lucerne Capital, by hedge fund manager Pieter Taselaar, got into it violently during the meeting.

Green reacted bitterly to this. ‘I do not know you. I first read about you in the newspaper. How can you say that the management does not listen to you if we hardly know each other ‘, snapped Groen Taselaar. Nevertheless, Groen and Wissink survived the vote. A large majority voted for them to continue.

2. Picnic goes steadily towards Paris

Picnic recently announced its intention to expand significantly in France and Germany. In an interview with MT / Sprout, CEO Frederik Nieuwenhuys stated that he wanted to expand to all major urban areas in Germany. ‘Think of Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Hanover.’

In France, the company is active in Lille. Soon the company will move on to a big city ‘south of Lille’. Is it Paris? ‘It could be’. The company also focuses on training warehouse employees and wants to give MBO students in the company the opportunity to work across borders.

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3. Billion-dollar loss Uber despite sales growth

In the first quarter, Uber saw a 136 percent increase in revenue to $ 6.9 billion. Of this, both the taxi and the delivery service accounted for $ 2.5 billion. Despite the growth in revenue, the company recorded a loss of DKK 5.9 billion. The majority, 5.6 billion, is related to write-downs on interest in Chinese Didi. Adjusted EBITDA rose half a billion to $ 168 million.

4. Circular startups unpack during Liberation Day

Liberation Day is again this year an innovation party. At the liberation festivals in Zwolle and Utrecht, various startups are allowed to participate in their innovations through the innovation project Innofest. In Zwolle, the 3D furniture printers from Shelduck and Wattage, which produce energy-producing construction fences, will test their inventions. In Utrecht, Beton-Lab (CO2-friendly alternative to concrete), Respyre (concrete slabs with moss) and Solar Sedum (click-to-use solar panels) will appear.

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5. Amac will offer shopping via video

Apple retailer Amac offers ‘hybrid shopping’. Customers can make video calls with an employee in 19 of the 50 stores. He walks through the store with a selfie stick to show products. This employee provides additional advice, prepares orders for shipment and sends a payment link. Commercial Director Roelof de Rijk has high expectations for the new service. About forty percent of callers must make a purchase.

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6. And so this: Spyker CEO Victor Muller does not fulfill payment promise

Admittedly, it would only be real news if Victor Muller kept a deal. The latest bankruptcy report, circulated by RTL, shows that the trustee is still waiting for the promised 1.5 million euros. “Although promises are always made, no payment has been made. The trustee is therefore in the process of commencing the sale of the trademark rights as soon as possible. ‘ So we have to wait for the next episode in the story of the bankrupt sports car manufacturer.

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