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LeBron James, Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant are still the big names in the NBA, but one of the most notable players in the new generation is Ja Morant. The coil spring on the Memphis Grizzlies makes the hearts of many basketball fans beat faster. “When he floats to the ring, he reminds me of the young Michael Jordan,” said NBA expert Dennis Xhaët.

That was undoubtedly the picture of the night in the NBA yesterday: The hard thump of Memphis player Ja Morant, who just missed his opponent on his way to the ring.

The 22-year-old guard has become an audience favorite in no time. The speed he has evolved with in recent years is as dizzying as his flashy thumps.

Because Morant has taken a tough course for a guy who only managed his first thump in his senior year of high school. A growth spurt and the connoisseur of an experienced basketball coach gave Morant a scholarship to Murray State University in 2017. Since then, it has gone lightning fast.

Monsterdunk of Ja Morant against Minnesota.

“Zion Williamson was still the main attraction in 2019”

In just 2 years, Ja Morant developed into one of the most exciting players in the NCAA in Murray State. After a season averaging 24.5 points and 10 assists, an NCAA record, Morant was named No. 2 in the 2019 NBA Draft by the Memphis Grizzlies.

“After Zion Williamson,” Dennis Xhaët recalls. “Williamson was the main attraction, but Morant also got a lot of attention. Only at that point was there any doubt as to whether his game would translate into the NBA as well.”

“It’s incredible how Morant has left his mark”

Yes Morant has long thrown that doubt in the trash, the main attraction Zion Williamson has now proved to be one with defects. While Williamson has missed more than 100 games in 3 seasons, Ja Morant has become the absolute star of the 2019 draft.

“Morant has completely overshadowed Williamson. He’s the prize animal, and it’s insane how he’s left his mark on the game, on the Memphis Grizzlies and on the NBA since 2019,” said Dennis Xhaët.

Zion Williamson

“His way of floating reminds me of the young Michael Jordan”

Thanks to a group of young, talented players, Memphis has quickly become a formidable opponent in the NBA, with Ja Morant as the exponent. The playmaker takes care of the acting, and it stands out. Morant is especially popular among the younger generation.

“He simply appeals to the youth. And with his 1.91m, he is not too big a boy, which helps. Still, he does incredible things. He appeals to the imagination. Along with players like Luka Doncic or Jayson Tatum, he is one of Them. Of the NBA’s faces for the future. “

“He sometimes reminds me of the young Michael Jordan. If you sometimes see him move the way he floats to the ring, that’s the way Jordan did it on flexibility, too. It seems like he keeps flying. further.”

If you watch the short videos with highlights from Morant, you automatically become a fan.

Dennis Xhaet

“In addition, Morant has no fear. I think it also plays a role in youth. Morant tries to skip everyone. Literally.”

“Precisely because of all these highlights, he reaches a very wide audience. For example, Devin Booker from Phoenix is ​​also a young, solid player, better than Morant, but he is less remarkable for the casual basketball fan. Morant in particular sticks. there. If you watch videos of him with highlights, you automatically become a fan. “

“Still, Morant is more than just those highlights. Just look at the way he’s already the leader in the locker room in his 3rd year. The Grizzlies are really a team, and they owe that to how Morant is as a leader.”

Morant as a leader in the locker room

Typical of these leadership qualities: Yes Morant was recently named the most improved player of the season, the player who took the biggest step forward. This includes a trophy that Morant immediately donated to teammate Desmond Bane because he felt he deserved the award more.

“In the ego-driven world that the NBA certainly is, you don’t see that kind of thing very often, especially not at that age. That he gave that trophy to a teammate proves how he treats his team,” says Dennis Xhaët.

“Memphis is one of the teams of the future”

Yes Morant can already present a lot of noble letters and then the best has probably not come yet, because the coil spring is only 22. How much stretch is left? “He can still make progress in all aspects of the game. His shots and his defense can certainly be better,” said Dennis Xhaët, who sees a bright future for Memphis.

“Morant seems to be having fun with the Grizzlies and they have a good base, with young talent and some experienced guys. I think in Memphis they feel they can do something with this core. It’s definitely a of the team of the future. “

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