11 mio. EUR grants for innovative SMEs

During the regional quantum meeting, a check for € 350,000 was handed over to one of the MIT projects: Project Quaracter. A regional collaboration to bring the development of a quantum computer into practical use.

MIT grant for a future-proof economy

South Holland can not do without innovative entrepreneurs. The MIT grant stimulates innovation in SMEs to promote the transition to a sustainable, digital and inclusive economy. The money will be made available through the SME Innovation Stimulation Top Sectors (MIT) scheme. Opportunity grants and grants for R&D cooperation are made available in the region in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. The goal of this is to bring innovative products to market or beyond. This not only gives an impetus to the companies and communities involved, but also to the economic strength of the region to promote a future-proof economy.

R&D collaborative projects

A research and development collaboration project (R&D) consists of 2 or more SMEs collaborating on industrial research or experimental development or a combination of these. With their R&D collaborative projects, companies make a major contribution to solving societal challenges such as food security, sustainable energy, robotics, logistics chains or healthcare. There are 2 categories of collaborative projects:

  • small, with a maximum of € 200,000 grant
  • large, with a maximum grant of € 350,000

In both categories, the grant amounts to a maximum of 35% of the total project costs.

Project Quaracter

Commissioner de Zoete, together with Commissioner Stolk, paid a working visit to the House of Quantum in Delft to see the latest developments in the quantum field in South Holland. This quantum hotspot has the smartest 12,000 square ‘quantum meters’ in Europe and is built around an ecosystem of companies, governments and scientists that create tomorrow’s quantum technologies and business.

During the working visit, the MIT project ‘Project Quaracter’ received a check for € 350,000 MIT grant. This project is a collaboration between the SMVs Orange Quantum Systems Operational, Delft Circuits and Leiden Cryogenics.

Quantum technology is expected to facilitate major breakthroughs in complex computing and data processing, but developing this is time consuming and complex. The collaboration “Project Quaracter” gives the developers of quantum processors many speed advantages in their own research and development, and will thus facilitate the use of the quantum computer for practical applications faster. This makes an excellent contribution to the transition to a digital and future-proof economy.

Provincial Executive de Zoete (Economics): “Stimulating collaboration to ultimately make groundbreaking innovations possible. We do this with the MIT grant. These innovations contribute to solutions to current social problems. It is good to see that Project Quaracter, and All other innovative SMEs, thanks to the MIT grant, are able to make further progress and thus seize the opportunities. “

Request 2022

New MIT projects are also under development this year. The Province of South Holland and the Ministry of Economic Affairs will jointly make 14 million euros available in 2022 for the SME Innovation Stimulation Top Sectors (MIT) scheme in South Holland.

You can apply for a MIT R & D collaboration project 2022 from 1 June 2022 09.00 to 13 September 17.00. Further information can be found under grants. Applications for MIT feasibility grants were submitted in April and are now closed.


In the MIT region and the top sectors, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the provinces work together to harmonize and link national and regional schemes to stimulate innovation. The SME Innovation Stimulation Top Sectors South Holland (MIT South Holland) scheme arose from this collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


The regional development company InnovationQuarter has an important role in guiding the R&D collaboration projects. You can contact them for guidance in submitting a R&D collaboration project.


Do you have questions about the MIT grant? Visit Zuid-holland.nl/mitzh or send an e-mail to Zuidholland@pzh.nl.

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