5 tips to start 2022 financially and save more

A new year has come. For many people, this is the time to dust off their running shoes and fill the shopping cart full of fruits and vegetables to start the year in good shape. But do not you also want to start the new year financially well-functioning? And do you want to save more?

Our bodies often crave more vitamins after all the oil dumplings and champagne, but are you betting that your savings account could also use a boost after the expensive month of December?

Get in shape and save more in 2022

Here are five tips CNBC is making it unravel from financial planners for the new year. How to start 2022 financially healthy.

1. Look at your expenses from last year

Like setting all your other goals and New Year’s resolutions, it’s good to look back on last year. December is probably not a normal month due to the expensive holidays, so be sure to review your spending over several months.

This is useful for a number of reasons:

  • You sometimes get shocked when you see how much you actually spend on certain categories. This will make you think twice before actually doing it the next time you want to use in these categories.
  • You can make it a challenge: Spend less in January. The difference goes to your savings account.
  • You feel more in control of your finances and that means less stress.

2. Think about financial goals

We know that it is difficult to save up and get in financial shape. But fortunately, there are many ways to make it easier for yourself. One is really knowing why you want to save. What is your savings goal? Make it as specific as possible. So not: ‘I want to save for a holiday’, but ‘Before 1 June, I want to save 1,000 euros for a holiday to Italy’.

That way, you can see yourself eating on a terrace in Italy for hours, and it’s easier to say no to that many pieces of clothing. A concrete amount also helps to keep track of your progress, which can also have a motivating effect.

Make it a habit

Getting in shape financially is in this respect very similar to the other good solution that often occurs: getting physically better. Of course, you can do everything you can to reach your goal in a month, but going back to your old (unhealthy) habits after that will not help you. in the long run

If you manage to save or make money for a habit, you are not just stuck now, but for the rest of your life. These types of habits include saving as soon as you get your paycheck, tracking your progress or reviewing your finances every month. Choose a firm day, and make it as normal as brushing your teeth at night.

4. Learn about money

Little secret: I used to be completely unable to handle money. It was only when I started reading blogs and books and listening to podcasts about savings, investing and all that goes with it that I got to grips with it. You should not be ashamed if you do not manage to save a lot. We are never taught in school.

A part of getting in shape is therefore an in-depth study of the subject. I promise you it’s all less boring and difficult than you probably think. Our Money & Career page is one good place to start

5. Start getting in financial shape now

The most important thing is that you stop making excuses and just start saving (more). Although good intentions often feel clichéd and ‘still not working’, it is scientifically proven that the ‘fresh start’ effect can actually help you to really persevere.

Start saving today, even if it’s 1 euro. You will not regret it.

These good intentions for 2022 will save you money

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5 tips to start 2022 financially and save more

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