8 useful informal care apps and websites

Informal care NL

Android Download in Mantelzorg NL Developer Apps on Google Play
iPhone: MantelzorgNL in the App Store (apple.com)

MantelzorgNL is a national association that stands up for informal carers and provides a lot of useful information and tips. In addition to the website www.mantelzorg.nl, the association has its own app that provides answers to many questions that you can run into with informal care. It includes issues of finance, legal matters, legislation and rules, combination of work and informal care and more. If the information in the app does not provide a sufficient answer, you can easily contact MantelzorgNL via the app.

Come and visit

Come visit – Holland’s free visit planner

It’s nice for everyone if visitors come regularly. This is especially true for people who could use a little extra attention and help. On Komopvisit’s website, you can easily create a calendar via the Internet, with which you can plan visits for everyone involved in informal care. This makes it easy and straightforward for caregivers to see on what days and times visits are already scheduled. The great thing is that only the administrator of the agenda has to create an account once. They can then invite others to plan their visit. The website is also suitable for, for example, arranging visits during hospitalization.

my life

Android: Myinlife – Dementia Support Circles – Apps on Google Play
iPhone: Myinlife in the App Store (apple.com)

The Myinlife app from the Stichting Alzheimer Nederland and affiliated with www.dementie.nl focuses specifically on informal care for people with dementia. With Myinlife, you build a support circle of carers around someone who needs support. Using the calendar in the app, you can split and record visits, appointments and tasks to be performed. You can easily share information with each other via the Timeline, the Messages function and the Care Book. The compass feature helps you if you have questions about dementia.


Welcome to Huppla – Huppla

The Happla website approaches the provision of care assistance a little differently than most informal care apps and websites. You can also easily build a network of informal carers here, but the participants themselves choose in an overview which help tasks they want and can perform. One is good at repairing a bike and the other is better at explaining something calm. The network administrator can use the overview to see who can best offer help if needed.

Hi 24/7 Family app

Android: Hello 24/7 – Apps on Google Play
iPhone: Hello 24/7 in the App Store (apple.com)

Hi 24/7 is an ambitious project that is supported by KPN and Univé insurance, among others. It is an initiative that allows older people to live longer at home safely with the help of their children, neighbors and friends. They offer various devices, software and services for this. Such as the Hello Buddy emergency button for emergencies.
The Hello 24/7 app is part of this project. Like other family care apps, you can manage a social network of family, friends, and neighbors around the person in need of extra care. There is an agenda for scheduling care and a chat and video calling feature that makes it easy for members of the network to communicate with each other. More information can be found at The solution for caring for your parents or partner | Hi 24/7 (hello247.nl)

calendar clock

Android Download in Calendar Category – Calendar – Apps on Google Play
iPhone: Calendar Clock in the App Store (apple.com)

Calendar Clock is an app designed to support people with memory problems, such as dementia. It includes a digital clock and a calendar with a convenient calendar and messaging feature. The app shows the date, part of the day and time in a clear way. Calendar clock also shows appointments and messages in the agenda, reminders, personal messages, the temperature of the residence, the weather and any pictures. You will have to pay a small amount once for some of these extra options. The app can be conveniently set to different color schemes, and capitalized, legible letters are used. There is a separate administrator app Calendar Clock Admin that allows you to remotely set and track everything by a caregiver.


Android: BETTER – Apps on Google Play

As the name of this app already says: The BETTER app is intended as a tool to live better and therefore feel better. With the app, for example, you keep track of what positive activities you have performed in a day, such as exercising, eating healthy and going to bed on time. You can also set your current mood and set goals to work towards. Because it is not always easy to do all this alone, you can also let informal caregivers and caregivers share in your goals and progress. They can then jump in and offer support where needed.

Medicine and pill reminder app

Android: Medication and Pill Reminder – Apps on Google Play
iPhone: Medication and pill reminder in the App Store (apple.com)

Many older people use medication daily. Especially if there are several a day, it is not always easy to keep track of whether the right medication has been taken and whether the dosage corresponds to what is prescribed. The Medicine & Pill Reminder app helps with this. Using a user-friendly monitor, you get picture and sound reminders to take the right dose of medication. You will also receive a reminder to refill a medication on time, and you can keep track of all kinds of health measurements, such as your blood sugar level and weight. The app also allows casual caregivers and caregivers to see.
The basic features of this app are free. For a fee, you can also use additional options, such as access for an unlimited number of caregivers and multiple health measurements. You will also no longer see ads in the app.

Dementia and memories

Android: Dementia & Memories – Apps on Google Play
iPhone: Dementia and Reminders in the App Store (apple.com)

This app is specifically aimed at people with dementia. It is a tool for retrieving positive memories from the past using images and sounds. It is positive for people with memory problems to feel that they can still remember things from the past. With the app, you can, for example, play picture fragments about school and news from earlier times such as the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

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