Avoid these 8 most common dropshipping errors

Dropshipping offers many options and with a small budget you can get started with your e-commerce store. It sounds simple, but are there any catches to watch out for? In this blog, we take a look at the most common dropshipping errors so you can prevent them and elevate your webshop to a higher level.

1. Think you can easily make money

‘With dropshipping, I can make money quickly and easily.’ Unfortunately, that is too easy to think about. If you think you can make money fast through dropshipping, you should go back to the drawing board. Running an online store takes time and money. Putting a webshop live, and then waiting for the money to flow in, is unfortunately not how it works. Pay attention to investing time, following the customer contact and improving your webshop. In addition, you also need to consider a budget for any marketing activities.

2. My supplier takes care of everything

Of course, your supplier is an important party that you work with. Without a supplier, you can not sell products and your webshop remains empty. You can expect from your supplier that a large part, such as sending packages, will be arranged. But you need to maintain everything that has to do with customer service, contact, marketing and other matters. The supplier does a lot for you, but not everything. Be aware of your responsibilities and discuss your expectations with the supplier. How to really work together! Do you want to easily find new suppliers for your dropshipping webshop? Visit Droppery’s website. With their SaaS solution, you can easily add suppliers and their products to your webshop.

3. Do not clearly indicate shipping method and information

How does parcel shipping work, and what should a customer take into account? By providing this information to the buyer, you ensure trust. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • How long does it take to ship?
  • Extra shipping costs, or free from a certain amount
  • Returns, how does it work?
  • Am I entitled to a statutory withdrawal period?
  • What should I do if I have not received my package or am dissatisfied?

It is best to request the above information from the supplier. As a final tip: Make sure you have a special page where you put all important shipping and return information. You can also make a FAQ of eg, which is nice and clear. You can also often specify how long the delivery time is on products.

Prevent ambiguity and stay informed of any changes that the vendor communicates to you. This way, you can avoid problems and not make the mistake of forgetting to report this important information.

4. Do not think about the steps when customers place the wrong order

If you believe that people never make mistakes, then you are wrong. It happens more often that a customer places a wrong order or clicks on the wrong button. Making mistakes is human, but how you handle them makes all the difference.

Assuming a customer makes a mistake, it is possible that an order will still be delivered while the customer does not want it. The supplier executes the placed order, it can not see if there are any changes or if an error has been made. This may cause someone to leave a negative review and not be satisfied. So answer right away!

Is a customer contacting you about a wrong order? Then you must contact the supplier about this. Did it work? Then you confirm this to the customer and make the change. Here, customer service and communication to both parties play an important role. Handle it!

5. You have no process for orders that are wrong or broken

Let’s talk about making mistakes: It can also go wrong with the supplier. It is possible that a package was delivered incorrectly or that the item was broken. What are you doing? How does the process go and what should you do as a webshop owner?

The customer will eventually contact you. Therefore, do not forget to have a quick and good solution ready. By setting up a manageable process, you can help a dissatisfied customer faster and they feel taken seriously. This also appears to be professional. If you do not have a process for this and there are more customers, it can cause more problems. It also takes time to talk to customers. Therefore, organize your customer service properly.

6. Not having a clear picture of the economy

Believe it or not, but despite the fact that you need small money to start or manage a dropshipping webshop, it often happens that the finances are not manageable. Dropshipping requires some form of financial stability.

Mapping and monitoring your finances is important because it’s too easy to think you have money. If you consciously look at the numbers and calculate accurately, you may still get a loss at the bottom of the line. How did it happen? Have you overlooked things?

Visualize all costs and other important financial components. This way you have control over your income and expenses and you will not be greeted by surprises. This will also help you grow and make informed choices.

7. Ignore customer reviews and feedback

An advantage of dropshipping is that you do not have to manage the warehouse and send the packages yourself. You are an intermediary, but therefore it often happens that an important factor is forgotten: feedback or reviews from customers, why should you keep an eye on this? Because in the end, the supplier is responsible, right? No, you are ultimately the face and the first point of contact. So if you have reviews or get feedback, take this seriously and act fast. That way, you can tackle issues or improve things in your webshop in the right way. Do not make the mistake of not doing anything with customer feedback.

8. Do not use email marketing

Email may not sound very hip, but it is still one of the most successful online marketing tools to reach visitors. You can keep customers informed about new products or the latest developments on your webshop through quick email campaigns.

Another example is to intercept an abandoned shopping cart by sending an automatic reminder to the customer via email. With this kind of automation marketing, you can easily generate more revenue without the high cost. There are several platforms that can help you with email marketing.

Conclusion most often made dropshipping errors

Finally, you can summarize the above points for the following: customer service and clear communication about processes is an extremely important part of your dropshipping webshop. In collaboration with your supplier, you can clearly map out how processes work and how you can quickly and easily help the customer with questions or problems.

There are also several smart tools that can help you avoid the most common mistakes. Ensure clear processes, communicate with your supplier, make a good plan and bring it all together. This way you can avoid the most common dropshipping errors! Good luck!

Kristian Verhoef

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