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At the end of October, it was announced that Bossard Group, a provider of product solutions and services within industrial fastening and assembly technology, has acquired Jeveka. After almost 85 years, the Veltkamp family leaves the technical wholesaler of fasteners located in Almere Poort. “It’s not goodbye to Jeveka, it’s the next step in the future,” said Stephanie and Adriaan Veltkamp, ​​directors and owners of the family business.

Stephanie and Adriaan Veltkamp. Photo: Jeveka

Three years ago, Bossard Group approached Jeveka with the question of whether the company was for sale. ‘Then we said no,’ he says Adrian Veltkamp‘It still did not feel right. Only later did we seek active cooperation, because the mutual possibilities were too great. ‘ After a period of about a year, the purchase was financially completed. ‘Everything has been checked,’ he says Stephanie† »On 25 October, the acquisition was first completed financially, after which the integration itself began. It was not possible before because the takeover was to remain secret within both Bossard and Jeveka. ‘

cultural change
Another company’s takeover of Jeveka was therefore not something the family initially had in mind. In 2011, Stephanie and Adriaan Veltkamp took over the company from their father Hans. At the time, both had worked at Jeveka for several years, which at the time still had a top-down culture. ‘What I really had to get used to is that people were used to coming to the board and asking,’ I have this problem, what should I do now? ‘, Stephanie says. ‘I just asked what they would do themselves. It was quite confrontational for some, but it was also appreciated. ‘ Stephanie and Adriana’s new working method resulted in a cultural change in the company. From then on, everyone in the organization was given a specific responsibility. Adriaan: ‘It has given us the opportunity to grow, both in terms of employees and turnover.’

From customer needs
To make room for this growth, it was decided in 2014 to move the company from Amsterdam to Almere Poort. The organization has also been restructured and there has been a focus on customer focus. New departments have been set up and the offer to the customer has been expanded. Stephanie: ‘The way of thinking for different teams changed. From thinking from “Where is the customer?” we went to “What are the customer’s needs?”. ‘

Digitization steps
The latter was necessary because the market did not stand still. “We have much larger customers who have also become more demanding. As a company, you have to meet several quality requirements, and there is more pressure behind it. In order to keep up with developments, a digitization effort was necessary, ”explains Stephanie. Therefore, Jeveka switched to last year Microsoft Dynamics 365† »We did it for the future. That way, we can automate more with external companies. In the past year, that goal has sometimes been out of the picture, but it is the next phase we want to go to, “adds Adriaan.
During digitalisation, Jeveka’s core values ​​have not been lost sight of. Quality, clarity and trust are conscious pillars for the company. ‘Jeveka has always been known for its own catalog, as well as for the quality we deliver. The vision has always been to really maintain the quality of the business, ”says Stephanie. ‘The two brands, Jextar and Jeclin, which we ourselves marketed in collaboration with the high-tech industry, are good examples of this.’

‘If you look at it strategically, the acquisition is a logical step’

stand stronger
In addition to the desire to grow the company, Stephanie and Adriaan Veltkamp also wanted to position the company better in the market. “Our goal was not to let large parties like ASML make up too much of the revenue,” says Adriaan. “A few years ago, we therefore discussed the question at a strategic meeting: how can we become stronger as a company, also for our customers? Then we considered taking over our own company. Still, the idea of ​​finding a partnership with Bossard proved to be a better one. That way, we could offer more to the customer and grow more. It fit like a glove. Jeveka and Bossard have the same market approach and culture and are both a family business. ‘

Tobias Berchtold

Logical step
‘It is of course strange,’ he continues, ‘that Jeveka no longer belongs to the Veltkamp family, but we see it as a good step in Jeveka’s future. We were already the exclusive distributor of Bossard’s SmartBin, but soon our customers in the Netherlands will be able to use Bossard’s full range of services. And in time, our international customers will be supplied worldwide. ‘ Stephanie adds: ‘If you look at it strategically, the acquisition is a logical step.’
The most valuable lesson Stephanie and Adriaan learned in working with Bossard? ‘You can be as good as a screw supplier: the customer will not adapt his strategy to you, but you can adapt your strategy to the customer.’

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New general manager
With the acquisition of Bossard, the departure of Stephanie and Adriaan Veltkamp has also been announced. After a transition period of several months, they will leave in the first half of 2022, from 1 January 2022 Tobias Berchtold the new general manager. He then comes permanently to Holland to take over after Stephanie and Adriaan. ‘When we took over the company in 2011, they said,’ Oh fat, then the company is guaranteed again until you retire. ‘ But we have never done that. I also think this is the wrong approach, because you have to keep evolving. If you do not do that, it is not good for the company either ‘, says Stephanie. Adriaan adds: ‘Jeveka has now been 100 percent taken over by Bossard. Of course, we have always been a director and owner. If we had an idea, we implemented it. It will soon no longer be possible. Jeveka is now linked to Bossard, so it’s good that we’re getting rid of it, I’m convinced. ‘

Next step?
What will Stephanie and Adriaan Veltkamp do when they close Jeveka’s door for the last time? ‘I look more at the non-profit,’ says Stephanie, ‘but first rest for a while and so on.’ Adriaan has another idea: ‘I want to invest in and support start-ups and scale-ups in sustainable technology or food production.’

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