“Digitization is 20% technology and data and 80% people”

With more than 900 successful projects for leading companies worldwide, SparkOptimus has built a long track record in transforming organizations into the future since 2010.

Technology and data are crucial to the success of transformation, but for real success, people are crucial, tell Tom Voskes and Alexandra Jankovich, co-founders of SparkOptimus.

The consulting firm, which was founded in 2010 and today has been named the best e-business consultant in the Netherlands, managed last year to grow by more than 30%, a line that it wants to continue in the coming years.

Alexandra Jankovich and Tom Voskes - SparkOptimus

Heineken has started a global transformation with the help of SparkOptimussays Voskes Heineken generates a lot of revenue from B2B. Traditionally, it was customary for salespeople in Mexico, for example, to visit dozens of bars and grocery stores every day to take orders, a quick visit of a few minutes per week. address.

“We have made the ordering process much more customer-friendly with a mobile app. Customers who are probably already familiar with online shopping can now order much easier. ”

The advent of the app changed the way we work and created opportunities for other digital services, he continues. Practical examples are inventory counting, see when a delivery is due and see the status of invoices.

“The service is getting better, and digitization also provides data that Heineken can use to bring the service to an even higher level. € 3 billion of revenue is now channeled through the digital platform, with the ambition of growing this to € 10 billion in the coming years. ”

Eighty percent people

The example aptly illustrates the core of transformations, Jankovich continues. “It’s about how we can use technology and data to make products and services better, faster and cheaper. The customer is king. “

To avoid misunderstandings: Technology and data are essential parts of transformations, but in the end they revolve around people. Whether it’s customers who start working differently or consumers who get better service. Digitization consists of 20% technology and data and 80% people. You only know exactly what platform you need to build until people start working on it. People need to get excited. The technique can be perfected later. “

Other SparkOptimus services besides Digital Transformation are Digital Strategy, Analytics & AI, Ventures & Scale-Ups and Mergers & Acquisitions. “With Analytics & AI, we explore opportunities with customers to improve the offering for their customers using data,” explains Voskes.

Ventures & Scale-Ups deals with setting up and building small businesses that can cause disruption in a sector. One reason may be that a company sees opportunities that it cannot take advantage of with its existing business model. Nestlé and Sandvik are customers for whom SparkOptimus does this.

Mergers & Acquisitions assesses, among other things, digital companies’ business plans, for a possible takeover or on behalf of an investor.

Knowledge sharing

SparkOptimus is also strongly committed to development and knowledge sharing in many ways. This is done, among other things, in the collaboration on projects. “Our people help customers’ employees build competencies in their own organization,” says Voskes. Masterclasses and guest lectures at INSEAD, among others, are other examples.

In addition, there are books, academic publications and interviews with CEOs. In the so-called ‘CEO Stories’, Jankovich talks to well-known CEOs, including Nancy McKinstry of Wolters Kluwer, Mark Schneider of Nestlé, Eddie Perdok of Kramp and Pieter van der Does of Adyen, all with the aim of inspiring business leaders.

“We also have very extensive training and education for our own people,” Jankovich says. “We can only achieve our growth ambition if our Sparkies are enthusiastic. Therefore, we are very aware of their development and they gain a lot of independence.” Partly because, let Voskes and Jankovich know that SparkOptimus does not have much to do with new talent in the tight labor market.

Awareness of knowledge sharing and development is in line with SparkOptimus’ vision that successful companies in the future will be sustainable and people-oriented and also fits seamlessly into what both Jankovich and Voskes continue to emphasize: successful change is about people, how to bringing them together, how to get people to move for change, how to put people’s needs first.

Jankovich uses this knowledge and experience to coordinate aid to refugees from the war in Ukraine. “Many private individuals and companies want to offer help, we wanted to create a page based on the needs of refugees with information on all important topics, such as housing and work. Together with Ukrainian refugees, Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland and other partners, we devised and built refugeehelp.com in two weeks. “

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