DNA buys FreshERP software and focuses on the fruit and vegetable sector with new company

DNA IT Holding, known for DNA Services, from Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht has completed a new acquisition. In the most recent quarter, the IT company from Sydholland bought the FreshERP software from Coöperatieve Caswell IT Group. This cooperative consists of various fruit and vegetable companies that work together in the field of automation.

The FreshERP software package is applicable to companies with several to hundreds of employees. FreshERP is an integrated package that can be used to automate purchasing, sales, complex import facilities, inventory and batch administration, packaging administration, customs functions, EDI, quality control, financial administration and inventory management. With this, the package supports all business processes related to the sector.

Pictured from left to right are Bram Troost (Lehmann & Troost), Dirk-Willem Huisman (Fresh IT Services), Hans Erkamp (Cooperative Caswell / FreshERP), Hans de Wit (Fresh IT Services), Joost Slingerland (Lehmann & Troost), Burkhard Weitz (FreshERP) and Albert van Zijverden (Fresh IT Services).

In order to be able to focus entirely on the fruit and vegetable sector, DNA has set up a separate unit under the name Fresh IT Services. In addition to DNA Services, this new company is part of DNA IT Holding. This structure allows the company to completely relieve its customers. In the fresh food sector, for example, the FreshERP software package is delivered, and separate IT management (eg hosting) with security services via DNA Services can be offered. This gives companies a single point of contact for all their IT issues.

With this transaction, DNA accelerates its growth and the IT company increases revenue from software subscriptions. All contracts continue and customers will be able to continue using the FreshERP software. The developers, who have been at the cradle of the current FreshERP, will continue to be involved in the maintenance and further development of the software. Various innovations are already being worked on, such as data visualization (Power BI link), WooCommerce (webshop integration) and optimization of the user interface (UX design). The DNA team specializes in developing (mobile) web applications and will also focus on security and scalability in the cloud.

DNA has had experience with FreshERP for a long time and the collaboration goes back years. The first contacts go back to 2012, and in 2016 the company was involved in the conversion of the original Magic source code into the modern Microsoft C # programming language. During this conversion process, DNA has, among other things, performed code review and made the application object-oriented. In addition, DNA already has various references in the fresh food sector, such as Holland Agri Foods (part of Farmel Holding).

Pictured from left to right Dirk-Willem Huisman (Fresh IT Services), Hans de Wit (Fresh IT Services), Burkhard Weitz (FreshERP), Hans Erkamp (Cooperative Caswell / FreshERP), Bram Troost (Lehmann & Troost) and Albert van Fresh IT Services.

Bram Troost, member of Cooperative Caswell IT Group and co-owner of Lehmann & Troost: “Our focus is on trading in fruit and vegetables and not primarily on automation. In the past, we have set up a cooperative to guarantee ownership of our ERP software. Our IT environment is a crucial part of our business operations. With this transaction we can guarantee the continuity of our software. That is why we are now transferring ownership to DNA, an IT company with proven industry experience. We look forward to working with confidence and are happy to provide our input for further development. ”

Hans de Wit, commercial director and co-owner of Fresh IT Services: “This acquisition is strategic for our company. The fruit and vegetable sector is an excellent sector that fits well into our DNA. Our portfolio fits perfectly into companies where something is made, traded or transported. We are increasingly focusing on the sale of standard and cloud-based software. We are excited about the FreshERP application and see many opportunities for growth and innovation in the fresh produce industry! “

Albert van Zijverden, Director of Fresh IT Services: “We have been involved in FreshERP from DNA for years. Nice to see that the first contacts arose from the relationship with Joost Slingerland from Lehmann & Troost and the then DNA management. Acquiring our own product and building intellectual property is something we have been looking for for a long time. This acquisition is truly a milestone and good for all parties involved. ”

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