Faster vision for arthritis with new technology

Faster vision for arthritis with new technology


VieCuri Medical Center is the first hospital in the world to have a Raman spectroscope for medical applications

VieCuri will conduct research with the Raman spectroscope in order to make better diagnoses and offer treatment for crystal diseases such as arthritis.

VieCuri Medical Center is the first hospital in the world to have a Raman spectroscope for medical applications. The research that starts with this can give an impetus to all crystal diseases such as arthritis. The goal of the research is to better and faster define crystals so that patients can ultimately be treated better.

crystal recognition
The Raman spectroscope at VieCuri is specially built for medical purposes. VieCuri provides the best clinical care in the field of complex arthritis and will research the crystals that play a role in the diagnosis of all crystal diseases, including arthritis. Gout is a rheumatic disease caused by the kidneys often retaining too much urate (salt of uric acid). Urate can then precipitate in the form of sodium urate crystals in or around the joints, resulting in painful inflammatory reactions. If a patient is treated earlier, complex arthritis can be prevented. Arthritis is currently diagnosed by a combination of joint puncture, blood and X-ray examination. With the advent of the Raman spectroscope, a crystal diagnosis can be made faster, more objectively and more accurately in the future. This ensures better tailored therapy and (new) medication can be used more effectively. In the long run, the Raman spectroscope at VieCuri will also be used for research into other diseases in which crystals (may) play a role, such as inflammatory osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s and atherosclerosis.

Operation Raman Spectroscope
Many crystals are present in a human body that is not yet known or recognized. VieCuri will examine patients’ synovial fluid with the Raman spectroscope, which will make new crystals recognizable and insightful on a much more specific level. In this unique device, a polarized light microscope is integrated with Raman spectroscopy. The crystals cause a color change of the laser light coming out of the microscope. This color change is unique and makes it possible to identify many more crystals better than with a polarizing microscope. All research data is analyzed and collected in a database. As a result, VieCuri will recognize patterns so that better diagnoses can be made, even on unknown crystals.

The research takes place at VieCuri in Venlo in collaboration with the University of Twente. The Raman spectroscope was partially enabled by ReumaNederland, Health Holland, the Province of Gelderland and LIOF. On Friday 22 April, the Raman exam room at VieCuri was officially opened by Nastasja Cornelissen (member of VieCuri’s board) and Corné Baatenburg de Jong (deputy director of ReumaNederland).

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