From used sex toys to ANWB wedding attire: do not fall for these April Fools jokes

To start with a joke from the erotic angle. The sex shop wants to do something about the waste of sex toys. These sometimes end up in the trash after short-term use, for example because ‘that dildo in question does not meet your standards or your vibrator does not have enough positions’.

Used sex toys

But don’t worry, because the company claims to have found the solution to the waste of sex toys and is launching another platform: Here you can offer your used toy for sale or even buy a used one. For each item sold, the seller also receives a discount code on a subsequent purchase. What are you waiting for?

Duinrell has come up with a practical tool for visitors who do not want to dry themselves after swimming. A new device ensures that the bathers are blown dry. The so-called gebøkkenløcht-bløzer uses outdoor air that is heated in an oven. Then this ‘hot air’ – the word choice says it all – is used to dry your body.

There’s another joke from the amusement park corner, namely Madurodam. It claims to ‘live’ all 65,000 minifigures in the park. This way, they will soon be able to talk, walk and sit. For this they use ‘built-in speakers with the latest technology’. They are only still looking for people who will give their voice to one of the dolls. There you can register via a registration form, where you also have to fill in how high or low your voice is – you can even send an audio file.

ANWB par

ANWB comes up with a joke that some might hope is not a joke. They are selling a matching costume for bridal couples from April 1st. It looks exactly as you expect: bright yellow and printed with a giant logo – the dress says AN, the wedding dress WB. How romantic!

Runway with powder snow

Do you want to practice winter sports in your own country? It may soon be possible in the new indoor runway at the Ski-Inn in Amsterdam. This is a special example: there are lifelike powders that fly around your ears while you ski. “Thanks to our intensive collaboration with the University of Zurich, you can enjoy powder snow skiing through extremely precise crystal cloning, powered by nanotechnology AI algorithms. Indistinguishable from real powders,” the company wrote on Instagram.

You can sign up via the website – even though it’s so busy right now that you can only get on the waiting list. Yes Yes…

On the phone, owner Jeroen van Moort admits that it is indeed an April Fool’s joke. “Even teachers have been fooled. The cleaner also came to me and wondered how it will work with cleaning,” he tells EditieNL. He secretly hopes the concept becomes something in the future. “It would be cool. But on a roller coaster, it seems impossible. If you put a snowmobile off you and ski towards it, it’s not fun at all.”

waste coin

There has been some uproar in Zuidland municipality after a joke from the website Gouwe IJssel Nieuws. It recently brought the news that a waste currency would be introduced. This would replace the current waste pass, which gives residents access to the underground containers. After the municipality has been on the phone with several worried citizens, the news platform has decided to reveal the joke ahead of time.

Fun school boards

Schools can also benefit from it. For example, there is one who has’AbsenceVeterlaunches: a leash with a built-in chip that detects it when a student steps over the school threshold. That way, one would tackle the relatively high absenteeism at school. Nice detail: Children can choose the color of their VerzuimVeter themselves, so they do not have to worry about it colliding with their footwear.

Another school bans charging of electrical devices such as cell phones in the classroom. The board has decided this ‘due to the high energy rates’. The new policy applies to both students and teachers. Start date? April 1st of course.

You can use these HEMA underpants twice. “Handy for today and tomorrow,” the store said in a tweet. Practical until tomorrow yes, then it will be April 1st.

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