Hole in the hand? With these 5 budget apps you keep a financial overview

Whether you always have a small month left when your money is out, or will be able to save more: It never hurts to have an overview of your finances. With these five budget apps, you have an overview of every single euro.

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Budget apps to keep track of your money

The most expensive month of the year is upon us. Now is the time to get your finances in order. We’ve listed five apps that allow you to become (and remain) the boss of your own wallet.


Spendo is a beautiful new app from a Dutch developer. In Spendo you can see an overview of your expenses and set a goal. That way, you can quickly see if you’re still on track for the goal by the end of the month. By maintaining an overview, you have reached your goal in no time. It works very easily.

Every time you pay for something, you put the expense in Spendo. You fill in the category for each publication. For example, have you bought a new sweater? Then press the plus sign and fill in ‘Sweater’. Here you indicate that it belongs to ‘Clothes’ and how expensive it was. The app adds this expense to your total for the month.

If you click on your profile picture, you will arrive at your monthly costs. Here you can set a limit for yourself. Suppose you want to spend a maximum of 800 euros a month. Your expenses are then added together and the app shows how much money you can still spend this month.

You can also see in a handy chart where you have spent your money so far. Due to the different colors for each category, you can see with an overview how the distribution is between the different categories. You can also add categories yourself. This way, you can easily put fixed monthly costs into the app all at once.


2. Financially

The finance app is a nice, simple app. With this, you can at a glance see how much you still need to spend this month. The Overview tab in the app also shows you what fixed costs you have already paid and what amounts still need to be debited or paid when.

In the cost and revenue menu, you set everything for your personal situation. In addition, you can start the month on the date you prefer, eg the day you always get paid. It is also possible to set that you can add one-time income and / or expenses.

This way, you can use the app not only as a practical financial overview, but also as a household book. Take it a step further by turning on a weekly notification. This way you automatically know if you can have a good shopping session that week or buy a new game.

To ensure that someone else does not just see your finances, it is possible to secure the app with Touch ID or Face ID. In addition, the app syncs your data with all your devices via iCloud.



Maurice van Breukelen


If you want to not only gain more insight into your finances, but also learn how to budget, then Buddy is a great helper. This app focuses more on sticking to a budget to better manage your own money. You therefore start by setting a budget where you can add a budget for each category.

Think, for example, of clothing, internet subscriptions, transportation and leisure expenses. Buddy has a beautiful design so you can see with clear graphs and buttons how much you still need to spend that month or even a day. Also very useful with this app is that you can share and keep track of the budget with your partner or even the whole family.

You can also easily check who paid what. Thus, for example, you can save together faster or give your children more insight into what everything costs. The app has many more features, but for that you need to sign up for a paid subscription for $ 4.99 per month or $ 34.99 per year.

Buddy - Budget and expenses

Buddy – Budget and expenses

Nattkod AB

4. WhoPaysWhat

Student houses, groups of friends, colleagues or family members regularly spend money together. For example, for a dinner, at a festival or for gifts. With the WieBetaaltWat app, you never have to send a payment request after each payment.

Everyone enters their expenses in the app and a balance is made as to who should pay what. In the long run, one can see who is paying for the lunch this time, or who is going to give a drink in the pub.

Do you use e.g. the app for a holiday? In the ‘Settlement’ menu you can see exactly who has to pay or get back what to make everyone financially equal. This overview is sent by e-mail to everyone, so you can sort out your banking matters in peace.

Who pays what

Who pays what

Million Monkeys BV

5. Money Pro

With Money Pro, you can easily create a comprehensive overview of your planned payments, budget and various bank accounts. The app is therefore ideal if you want to continuously take stock, both personally and professionally.

It is actually an ideal app to monitor and regulate your company’s financial situation without losing sight of your personal situation. This way, you will no longer miss out on payments thanks to reminders and a warning about upcoming invoices.

It is also possible to add pictures of receipts and you will receive comprehensive reports on transactions, budgets and your budget. With various paid plans, the app offers even more options, such as automatic iCloud syncing and connecting your bank accounts via online banking data.

Money Pro: Money and budget

Money Pro: Money and budget

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