Josh Bersin: ‘Technology is crucial for recruitment, but the process must be human-oriented’

As important as technology is for recruitment, the process must be people-centered, says a new report from the Josh Bersin Company.

‘If you have the right people, everything will get better’

The same discussion takes place every few months. Will recruiters eventually be replaced by the technology that makes their jobs easier? The short answer has always been the same until now: new† “At its core, recruitment has always been a person-to-people business,” states a new Bersin report. “Unfortunately, this means that we now have a huge shortage of recruiters. Our research shows that training and retraining recruiters is one of the most critical areas of investment. “

“At its core, recruitment is a person-to-people business.”

In addition, the Bersin study shows that companies with a ‘people-oriented’ TA capacity on average perform much better than others. “They adapt better, are more profitable, more innovative and their customers are more satisfied. They also have higher employee engagement and retention. In short, if you have the right people, everything else will be better. ”

‘AI-enabled search is still in its infancy’

Bersin’s study, which observed a total of 100 different recruitment tools, warns about the large amount of technology in the recruitment process, which can sometimes only cause more complications. “We tracked vendors of assessments, sourcing, graduate marketing, interviews, tracking, planning and analysis. Innovation in this area continues to grow rapidly. As we then move on to a skills-based language system, recruitment begins to look more and more like some kind of AI-driven process. But that idea really seems to be in its infancy. “

‘Technology can strengthen talent pipeline’

Despite the need for more people-centered talent recruitment, the Bersin report sees several benefits of using recruitment technology. However, it should primarily be used to create better experiences on the candidate side. “Our research shows that virtual recruitment tools, automation, talent intelligence platforms and even AI and chatbots all have a significant impact. For example, your ability to hire and retain good candidates – or to build a high quality talent pipeline.”

On average, companies using digital recruitment solutions are twice as likely to attract the right talent.

The report states that companies that implement AI in their hiring processes are four times more likely to have a strong graduate pipeline. In addition, companies using digital recruitment solutions, such as online assessments or virtual interview platforms, are on average twice as likely to attract the right talent, the study found.

Learn the simplicity of L’Oréal and McDonald’s

Above all, the technology must make the hiring process simple, user-friendly and intuitive, the report states. The study lists L’Oréal and McDonald’s as two companies to learn from. “At L’Oréal, the recruitment platform is so easy to use that many recruiters are now experts in data analytics who regularly use diversity metrics to proactively adjust and correct hiring approaches.”

Photo: Max Mustermann | | CC-BY 2.0

At L’Oréal, the recruitment platform is so easy to use that many recruiters are now experts in data analysis

At McDonald’s, the large-scale recruitment platform is almost tailored to those who end up using the service: owner-operators who multitask as recruiters for their own restaurant. When the person who would eventually use the product advised on its creation, it became the first step in ensuring that the technology actually met the specific needs. “As a result, they have fully embraced the tool,” the report concludes.

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