KU Leuven, together with the Flemish government, is putting its weight behind the expansion of the EdTech sector

has officially opened its doors in Kortrijk. It is the starting point for the development of a strong Flemish EdTech sector, at the initiative of the Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation Hilde Crevits. provides space for researchers, schools and companies to experiment and collaborate on new educational technologies for education and training in companies. The research group ITEC (the research group behind imec’s Smart Education program at KU Leuven Campus Kortrijk) plays a crucial role.

According to Minister Crevits, Flanders has all the trump cards for international action and therefore also provides 1.8 million euros in support of the development of the sector.

“The EdTech sector is growing globally. Many forms of education are digital today. Think of technological innovation in education, game-based learning or virtual reality. Flanders also has a great deal of scientific and industrial know-how to compete internationally at the top. With in Kortrijk, we want to join forces between research institutes, schools, companies and authorities to develop a strong Flemish EdTech sector. We provide the necessary facilities to experiment and establish collaborations so that innovation, research and new projects can flourish. ” says the Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation Hilde Crevits.

Today, more than ever, students and teachers are finding their way to digital lesson packages with lesson videos, online exercises and tests, or virtual classrooms for distance learning. In addition, after their education in general education, they often end up in a business context, where digital technologies are increasingly used in education or training. Hybrid learning and mobile learning are not unknown terms for companies. The development of these educational technologies offers many opportunities for the Flemish economy.

A lot of (international) growth potential for the Flemish EdTech sector
The EdTech sector is growing internationally. Edtech hubs are emerging worldwide, uniting knowledge institutions and companies to make a difference with education and government in the effective use of education technology hubs (such as in London, Lausanne, Boston, Singapore and Sydney).

Today, the Flemish EdTech sector is diverse and ripe for growth. About 70 companies like Rhinox, MySkillCamp, Play It, Signpost, Televic, De Cronos Groep, Barco, Squidll to name a few work with education technology. At the same time, Flanders possesses a strong scientific know-how, partly under the impetus of imec’s Smart Education program, but also through practice-oriented research at our applied universities.

as the focal point of educational technology
Many EdTech actors, including the ITEC research group (the research group behind imec’s Smart Education program at KU Leuven Campus Kortrijk) are already in West Flanders. The choice of Hangar K in Kortrijk as a base for the Flemish EdTech sector is therefore not accidental. IN ITEC and Hangar K will join forces to develop a strong EdTech ecosystem throughout Flanders. Companies and research institutes from all over Flanders can meet each other and prepare projects together. Specifically, there is a demo and exhibition space in workshops and study days will be organized, and startups and scale-ups can contact for advice and guidance. will also maintain membership of the European Edtech Alliance.

Flanders has all the trump cards to create a strong ecosystem that unites all actors in smart education and educational technology. With this initiative, Flanders is firmly committed to the digital transformation of education, training and training, which is one of the most important challenges for our current knowledge society.

– Piet Desmet, Vice-Rector KU Leuven Campus Kulak Kortrijk and academic coordinator ITEC

“Many of our EdTech companies have already expanded internationally and are active in several countries. Flemish EdTech as an export product works better and better, in addition to Finland and the Netherlands, we come into the picture with great examples, products and concepts. But it all happened in a staggered order, individually, so this initiative has the biggest advantage that it will bring together and streamline the various initiatives. Focus is everything and thanks to the financial injection from Flanders, Edtech will for the first time have its own structure, team and therefore focus. In addition, EdTechstation can also use the network of the founding partners and the Hangar K ecosystem in their conceptual and commercial expansion. That way, Hangar K gets an extra growth leg – in addition to gaming. My ambition is to become the reference in Flanders, Belgium and Europe with these two spearheads. ” said Arne Vandendriessche, CEO of Signpost and Chairman of the Board of Hangar K & EdTech Station.

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