Looking for a VAT number: how do I do it?

Every entrepreneur must register with the Chamber of Commerce. After registration, you will immediately receive an 8-digit Chamber of Commerce number. This number shows that you are officially registered in the Chamber of Commerce and that you formally have a business. Excerpts from the Chamber of Commerce do not state VAT number or sales tax number. You have to wait a little longer after registering with the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce passes on your information to Tax, after which it assesses whether you are an entrepreneur for VAT purposes.

VAT numbers

If the tax authorities assess that you are an entrepreneur for VAT purposes, the tax authorities will send you 2 letters by post within 2 weeks. One with your VAT number and one with your VAT number.

VAT registration number

A VAT registration number is a unique number. You use your VAT number for all contacts with customers and suppliers, such as on your invoices and website. In short, on all your outward expressions. A VAT number is structured as follows: NL123456789B01.

VAT number

Use the VAT number to contact the tax authorities. This was previously called the VAT number. You use the VAT number for your VAT return, for the collection of uncollectible VAT and for the transfer of your VAT. A VAT number is structured as follows: 111234567B01.

Lost your own VAT number or VAT number

Have you lost your VAT number or VAT number? Then log in to the tax authorities’ business portal. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. go to Belastingdienst.nl
  2. click on the menu at the top left
  3. select the option ‘company’
  4. select the option ‘VAT’ (VAT)
  5. log in as an entrepreneur with your personal DigiD

You will then immediately see your VAT number and VAT number.

Find out customer or vendor VAT ID

Are you looking for a new customer’s VAT number? Or do you want to check a VAT number on a partner or supplier? The VAT number is often on your customer’s website or on an offer or invoice. If not, please contact the company yourself. You can only receive the VAT number directly from your customer or supplier. There is no database where you can look up VAT numbers on entrepreneurs. The tax authorities and the Chamber of Commerce also do not provide VAT numbers.

Look up the VAT number for a foreign company

It is also not possible to look up a VAT number at a foreign company. You can only request such a number from the company itself.

Check VAT numbers

Do you know the number, but want to check the number because you supply goods or services to other countries? You can check the VAT registration number of a Dutch company or the VAT number of a European customer on the European Commission’s website via the online VIES system (VAT Information Exchange System). You can also check the names and address details of business partners here.

How does the VIES system work?

Checking VAT numbers via the VIES system can be complicated. Review the following steps to verify your customers ‘or suppliers’ VAT numbers and address information.

  1. In the VIES system (at the top of your screen), select your customer’s member country and enter the VAT number. The system itself fills in the letters for the Member State, e.g. BE (Belgium) or DE (Germany). You do not need to enter the letters.
  2. Then click on ‘Confirmation’.
    With a valid number, you will receive the message ‘Yes, valid VAT number’ with the company name and address of your customer. Make a printout and add it to your invoice. For example, you can show by a check from the tax authorities that you have applied the correct VAT rate or reverse charge. In the lower part of the screen you can enter your own number, but this is not a mandatory field.
    – In case of an invalid number, you will receive the message ‘Invalid input’ or ‘Invalid VAT number for cross-border transactions within the EU’. Indicate to your customer that you have to calculate Dutch VAT because his number gives an error message. Your foreign customer can contact his tax authorities for further explanation.

Look up an RSIN number

All legal entities and partnerships, such as BVs, associations, foundations, general partnerships and partnerships, receive a Legal Entity and Partnership Information Number (RSIN) with their Chamber of Commerce registration in addition to a Chamber of Commerce number. Government organizations such as the tax authorities use this number to exchange data with other (government) organizations. You can find a company’s RSIN in the Trade Register extract (paid) or via the Chamber of Commerce’s app Trade Register (30 free inspections per year). Sometimes companies or organizations also list their RSIN on their own website.

Please note: sole proprietorships do not have an RSIN, so extracts from sole proprietorships do not include an RSIN.

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