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TetemWith a multi-day festival in Enschede (1st to 8th May) and Make Day Festivals in each municipality in Twente (1st to 31st May), the 9th edition of Maker Festival Twente (MFT) promises to be a unique family festival and a true makers party. be.

At the festival days in Enschede and Make Day Festivals in the region, young people and families can follow technological, creative and innovative production activities in different laboratories and discover new worlds of manufacturing. Under the guidance of professional engineering coaches or makers, they enter a world of manufacturing, design, programming, art, media and theater. They discover what Twente has to offer as an innovative production region!

Technology and children as catalysts for the manufacturing culture of Twente

This region-wide festival does not stand alone. The development institute Tetem, together with its partners, organizes a comprehensive production program for education and leisure in all 14 municipalities in Twente. With this program in Twentse Maakplaatsen – located in the library, cultural center or cultural institution – Tetem wants to interest children and young people in the use and innovation of technology and creative creative processes.

‘Technology and children – as catalysts for the manufacturing culture of Twente – are a golden combination for the future of our region. We want to show them that Twente is the ideal place for the new manufacturing industry by letting them experience professional perspectives in technology, creative economics and the manufacturing industry and by giving them the opportunity to form a picture of this. ‘, Says Wilja Jurg. , director of Tetem.

MFT brings the production culture closer!

Maker Festival Twente therefore travels around the region with five different laboratories to introduce everyone in their own municipality to (digital) production culture. During such a Maker Day Festival, visitors to MaakLab, RobotLab and FilmLab can experiment with the latest Make-It technology sets, make an instrument of residual waste or – from the age of 3 – program one of the smart robots. In addition, it is possible to create their own story in MediaLab with the digital installations Mijn Lijn or Terra Nova. But there is more!


In the KnowledgeLab, experts from the Twentieth business community and educational institutions show and experience how manufacturing techniques are used in their work situation, by looking, experiencing and doing! Knowledge Labs differ from municipality to municipality. For example, on 1 and 3 May, ROC van Twente – Laboratory and Process Technology will be at MFT in Enschede, 15 May you can visit the simulation truck in Zone.College at Museum Buurtspoorweg Haaksbergen and Craft Lab with Klompen DesignLab is on. May 6 can be found in Wierden Library.

Hankamp Gears’ Ros van Twente

The latest Make-It technology set has been developed in conjunction with Hankamp Gears, a specialist in the transmission of motion through gears. In the tutorial on ‘Ros van Twente’, which is launched during the MFT, children first learn something about the uses of the gears, after which they set the thief’s head and tail in motion using a self-assembled gear construction. . Jurg: ‘Letting them create something with technology in addition to the joy also increases the feeling of pride!’

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