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read backHaven’t had time to follow the news today? We have the solution. Every day, De Gelderlander lists the most important messages. This is a snippet of the news from Wednesday, March 23rd.

Madeleine Albright
Madeleine Albright © AFP

FIRST FEMALE MINISTER DEAD | Madeleine Albright, the first female Secretary of State in the United States, has died. She turned 84 years old. Her family has announced this. Albright suffered from cancer

NEARBY CLEARED IN THE CENTER X | The dangerous substance found in a house in the Arnhem district of Schuytgraaf turns out to be the infamous ‘suicide powder’, also known as substance X. This is confirmed by several sources to De Gelderlander. A police officer became ill in the house. ,, Turn and go; the agent should have done it. “

HOTEL-RESTAURANT BIZAR BAZAR IS FOR SALE | The colorful Arnhem hotel-restaurant Bizar Bazar is for sale for 3.3 million euros. Horecammakelaardij Knook & Verbaas, a national player, has put the company on display. The catering company can also be rented if desired. The rent can be agreed ‘in consultation’.

Bizar bazar i Arnhem.
Bizar bazar i Arnhem. © Erik van ‘t Hullenaar

THE MOUTH CAP MAY BE OFF, BUT NOT EVERYWHERE | From today, the mouthpieces really should not be used anymore, it seems, but the look is cheating. It is true that the obligation to wear masks in public transport will no longer be mandatory, but there are still plenty of places where they are mandatory.

The mouth cap can be removed.  But not everywhere.  Photo for illustration.
The mouth cap can be removed. But not everywhere. Photo for illustration. © Raphael Drent

SCARY IS MORE CURRENT THAN YOU THINK | Student houses in Utrecht are massively ravaged by scabies. The skin disease, in which mites dig small passages in the skin and lay eggs, is on the rise. GPs talk about a ‘serious outbreak’, and especially in densely populated houses, the tiny creatures appear – sometimes over and over again.

SECURITY COMPANY CARE OF KILLED LEG | “With Ben, we lose our father, grandfather and teddy bear,” said Koba Metreveli, director of the Doetinchem security firm Secret Security Service, which also speaks on behalf of the family. Ben (64) from Gaanderen, a security officer in the Salvation Army in Lunteren, died on Saturday after being run over in a traffic quarrel in Ede.

Korba Metreveli has decorated a space in his office with a photo of Ben, flowers and a candle.
Korba Metreveli has decorated a space in his office with a photo of Ben, flowers and a candle. © Jan Ruland van den Brink

MARC FIGHTS ROUNDUP | He has a purpose. A mission. Stop the pesticide glyphosate. Popularly known as Roundup. Marc Pieterse from Mill has been working on it for some years, he says. Because the toxic things are dangerous. In fact: “The planet will perish in the long run”, is the conviction of the man who studied at the Agricultural University of Wageningen.

Millennial Marc Pieterse on a field treated with Roundup.
Millennial Marc Pieterse on a field treated with Roundup. © Ed van Alem

‘THE YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE SOMETHING TO EXPLAIN’ | Former Coronation Minister Hugo de Jonge (CDA) urged his top official to speak to mouthpiece supplier Sywert van Lienden. Until now, the personal involvement in the controversial multi-million dollar deal has largely been out of the picture.

STORES DO NOT STOP SALE TOBACCO | Albert Heijn, Shell and grocery stores ignore the call from hospitals, patient organizations and KWF Kankerbestrijding. They do not follow Lidl’s example, but continue to sell cigarettes.

SCHOOL MASTER BECOMES MAYOR | A restless nature and a clear vision brought Bert Berghoef (73) from Buren first into education and later into public administration. “Really cares about people, will take responsibility and provide guidance: these are the qualities you need. I would take good care of others and lead in a kind and open way. Be clear and determined but with an eye for others . ”

WHY DOES HE SPEAK ON THOSE CARS EVERY DAY? † A video has surfaced on the internet showing a cyclist spitting on cars. For a garage owner, the measure was completely full. He waited for the cyclist at the roadside and threw a bucket of cold water over him.

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