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Mrs. Tangenberg-Dekker was 8 weeks in 1997 with her family day care for a child from Belarus, organized by Russia Children’s Aid Foundation† From 1998-2004 she was a member of working group Russia Child Welfare Newlands eo

Twice a group of 30 children from the Chernobyl area came to Nieuwlande. The children were taken care of by about 20 families. Both times, the Tangenberg family took care of a child and did everything to give the child a good time.

As a member of the working group, Mrs Tangenberg-Dekker, together with the other working group members, was busy organizing sufficient resources to enable a group of children to arrive in Nieuwlande. She was also involved in organizing activities during these children’s stays, organizing return aids and helping to invest in agricultural projects and school gardens in the children’s homes.

Mrs. Tangenberg-Dekker also arranged everything related to the organization of the host families, the organization of educational opportunities, such as space and school equipment during the stay of the 8 weeks, the organization of day trips, swimming lessons and other fun activities to offer these children a good time.

She also went as a representative of the working group to Belarus to pick up and accompany the children on the outbound and return journey by bus and to create the right connection between the children and the host families.

Mrs Tangenberg-Dekker was also involved in supporting the organization Stichting Russia Kinderhulp Hollandscheveld.

By reformed women’s service (HVD) Mrs. Tangenberg-Dekker was a board member from at least 2004-2008.

She visited the elderly in Nieuwlande in case of illness and difficulties, and brought flowers around their birthday. When she was born, she came on behalf of HVD on maternity leave. At Easter time, she made plans for an Easter meal with others. She also rolled up her sleeves and made something tasty for the food and helped make the Easter liturgy.

Mrs Tangenberg-Dekker has been a volunteer at Protestant evangelism New lands† She was an older church trustee until 2020, when she was in charge of finances. Her precise approach always made clear what the financial situation of the Church was.

Her duties include collecting church balance sheets, preparing annual accounts and budget, maintaining and processing weekly payments and receipts, creating and processing collections, transferring the pastor’s payroll and travel expenses statements, presenting budgets at annual meetings, reporting annual figures. at the members’ meeting, handing over of current financial information to the church offer and collection of solidarity fund and contingent costs from the church offer.

Mrs. Tangenberg-Dekker also arranged all other work related to finances, such as handling bills, paying in debt collection, checking payment of church coins, arranging cash control and communication in the church service. She was the contact person for the pastors of the rectory, inquired about rent increases, passed on energy consumption, also collected the Thanksgiving collection, deposited cash donations, kept track of the donations and was responsible for the church balance campaign running smoothly. . She made the correspondence and the announcements in the church service and on the announcements. She was also responsible for the inventory of cartridges and printing paper and the declaration forms.

As treasurer, Mrs. Tangenberg-Dekker always thought a little further ahead so that the church did not face financial surprises due to unexpected costs.

Mrs. Tangenberg-Dekker was already the church administrator and was also responsible for the maintenance of the buildings. For, among other things, renewal of the church’s facades, she obtained offers, kept in touch during the renovation and paid invoices.

She was also good at applying for grants from various agencies. As a result, the church was able to lift many projects, such as floor replacement and candlestick upholstery and sacristy.

In addition, Mrs Tangenberg-Dekker was regularly on duty on Sunday mornings. She welcomed the pastor, said the concert, escorted the pastor to the pulpit, shook hands with the congregation members, and closed the hall. She also regularly brings flowers to a member of the congregation on behalf of the church.

During the festive week, Mrs. Tangenberg-Dekker always arranged a stall at the annual market. She made sure to collect the groceries, even made shopping baskets from those that were given away as a prize at the stall. Also on the day itself, she was at the stall to encourage people to buy something or participate in a game.

Mrs. Tangenberg-Dekker also takes care of the administration of the church magazine, the church service. She still does, even though she is no longer on the ward council. It handles new subscriptions, address changes and cancellations. The church service is sent out jointly with the church congregations from Hollandscheveld, Elim and Geesbrug.

By Dykkermuseet De Duikelaar Tangenberg-Dekker has been active in Nieuwlande since 2019.

She has wholeheartedly devoted herself to the museum from the very beginning. What is asked of her is carried out and more. She provides constructive advice so that steps can be taken that the museum needs.

From June 2010, she and another coordinator will ensure that the forms for the hostesses are correct and that they are carried out in accordance with the rules. She coordinates hostesses / hosts and arranges special meetings. She is also the hostess of the museum one day a week.

From January 2019, Mrs Tangenberg-Dekker, together with another volunteer, will have the task of acting as a staff member, for which she will actively recruit new volunteers and place them in the right place in the museum.

From March 2019, Mrs. Tangenberg-Dekker is also involved in the realization of the exhibition “Gemmehus og kirke”. A fake house and a church have been built in a former classroom where children can hide and go into hiding. The museum has [zeer] limited resources and in a coordinating role, Mrs Tangenberg-Dekker has ensured that the decoration and layout of this exhibition has been of the highest quality.

Mrs. Tangenberg-Dekker also makes the plans and arranged the closing of the (Christmas and summer) markets.

Mrs. Tangenberg-Dekker was also active before 1997. She was already volunteering for all kinds of activities in the church and from the late 1980s she was a member of the parents’ council in the primary school where her children went.

Together with Mr Tangenberg, Mrs Tangenberg-Dekker is active as a volunteer in various fields, fanatical and fully committed. It has not stopped with the task that they formally had. They are also required to hand and clamp services, sign up for extras and devise new activities. They did and do many things together. Sir. Tangenberg is mainly the silent force in the background. Mrs. Tangenberg-Dekker is actually active among the people.

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