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The mobility of the future does not start on the street, but in an app. People check and book the cheapest way to get from A to B via digital platforms: mobility as a service. But what are the effects of this on infrastructure, public spaces and social goals? How do governments keep track of and keep track of this? This requires an advanced digital ecosystem. You are at the cradle of this system and the associated challenges. For how do you get commercial mobility providers to share data with governments? How do we guarantee users’ privacy? And what technologies do we use? As a consultant, you connect top experts in mobility and IT to these issues.

What do you want to do?

You work towards working methods and reference architectures for data sharing in mobility and logistics. Drawings of how we will do it. Ideas are already there and TNO has top experts and international galleon figures in the house when it comes to mobility and aspects like encryption, multiparty computing, data sovereignty, artificial intelligence and digital twinning. And, of course, a lot is already happening in the market, in universities and in other European countries. We also work a lot with partners in Singapore and the USA. It is up to you to bring all these different expertise and developments together to create solutions to the challenges of our customers, mostly governments.

You develop the ecosystem for data sharing in the Netherlands together with partners, but the ultimate crown on your work is of course if we can also export this abroad in the future. Before then, there is still work to be done. Your position is brand new. That means you have a lot of room to be a pioneer. Where do the interesting things happen in the market? How do you get the right partners on board? You seek cooperation both inside and outside TNO. Your home base is the Sustainable Urban Mobility & Safety department. A department that handles mobility issues integrated at all levels. From ‘under the bonnet’ of a single car or truck to a model that analyzes GPS data from millions of road users. And from providing information to a single road user to designing an entire city. In short: A department where you can develop fully, also as a senior consultant.
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How will you contribute to the world of the future? How big can your influence be? Come and work at TNO and see for yourself.

What we expect from you

In addition to being a mobility expert and model thinker, you are a real bridge builder. Between departments, between technology and the market and between people. Because little has been determined yet, it is important that you take the initiative and that you are driven to discover new topics. You also know how to clearly explain complex topics and present them to others in a creative and enthusiastic way. What else do you have at home?

  • A university graduate, preferably with a background in information technology or electrical engineering.
  • Extensive work experience (preferably more than ten years) in mobility and logistics.
  • A fascination for the mobility and transport system of today and tomorrow.
  • Good communication skills in Dutch and English.

What we offer you

Challenging and varied work of great importance. And lots of opportunities, because at TNO you have a lot of control over your career. In addition to a gross (full-time) monthly salary between € 6,000 and € 8,500 (depending on your knowledge and experience), holiday allowance (8%), a thirteenth month (8.33%) and a flex budget (5.58% + € 180) , you get every opportunity to develop yourself.

In addition, at TNO you can put together a ‘menu’ with terms of employment that suit your personal situation. Whatever you can expect:

  • A highly professional, innovative work environment, with top experts as colleagues.
  • Opportunity to follow courses, trainings and workshops and to attend conferences, and coaching if you need it.
  • 33 vacation days (with full-time employment).
  • An employer that values ​​and encourages diverse talents, with initiatives such as the Female Leadership Program, our Rainbow Community and roundtables on inclusion themes.
  • Travel money.
  • Cozy activities with your team and other TNO employees. That way, you quickly get to know a lot of people.
  • Flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home.
  • A good pension scheme.

Read here among which employment conditions you can choose.

TNO as employer

At TNO, we innovate for a healthier, safer and more sustainable life. And for a strong economy. Since 1932, we have developed knowledge and technology for the common good. We find each other in wonder and ingenuity, and we are driven to push boundaries. There is plenty of room and support for your talent and ambition. You work with people who are daring, who inspire you, and who want to learn from you. Our state-of-the-art facilities are there to realize your vision. What you do at TNO matters: influence makes the difference. Because with every innovation you contribute to the life of tomorrow. Read more about TNO as an employer.

At TNO, we encourage a spacious work environment where you can be yourself. Whatever your story is and whatever unique qualities you bring. It is precisely by combining our unique strengths and perspectives that we are able to develop innovations that make a real difference in society. Do you know more? Read what steps we are taking in diversity and inclusion.

What does the process look like?

You can reply until May 23rd. The application procedure consists of two rounds of interviews. The first round is scheduled for May 23rd. At a final meeting, we will discuss the terms of employment that you put together yourself. We strive to complete the entire procedure within four weeks.

An online assessment and reference check can be part of the selection procedure.

Has this position aroused anything in you?

Then we look forward to receiving your reply!
For more information about the job or procedure, please contact us.

recruits: Helen Stork
Mobile phone: +31 (0) 6-515 34922

Employment manager: Jeroen Dezaire
phone number: +31 (0) 6 229 17983

Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.

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