Sigrid Kaag first D66 Minister of Finance – Joop

agnar1231 Jan. 2022 – 16:34

@Your psychiatrist, if only you were Rutte or Kaag’s psychiatrist. They urgently need help. Mostly totally agree. But … A free market for small businesses with healthy competition has advantages. The problem of “communism” and “capitalism” (including today’s neoliberalism) is the completely wrong premise of economists. Quote: “Unsaturated market economies: Communism and capitalism took shape in the early 20th century. They both tried to answer the problems of industrialization. Since then, the world and the economic situation have changed. But many people still love to stick to obsolete ideas continued fierce battles between supporters of capitalism and communism until 1989. When the Soviet Union converted to capitalism in 1989, the capitalists cried and shouted, “Communism is dead!” They did not realize that capitalism was dead, too. to, there were unsaturated markets.Everything could be produced, and no matter how much was produced, there was rarely if never enough.Both ideologies are therefore based on unsaturated markets with scarce means of production. to stay. When I took economics classes in 1984, the definition of Economics in the book: Economics is about optimal utilization of scarce means of production, also in 1984 most means of production were by no means sparse e. A better definition seems to me: economics is about efficient and effective use of an abundance of means of production. It also seems to me desirable to use the means of production economically to protect the environment. End quote. Source: Saturated Market Economy Quote: “Ancient Wisdom: In the old days there were wise men who tried to curb the greed of the stupid with religion old Jews, Muslims, Zarathustrians and various Christian groups banned the collection of interest.The system of positive interest is in fact a system of organized crime, with which the rich deprive the poor … The government as money.pump: Here the government can what with it The government can act as a money pump It can pump money away from the rich (via taxes, inheritance reduction, capital tax) With this money it can improve education, create social work, health care for the poor and middle class, improve infrastructure, etc. With it kind of activities, the government can keep the economy afloat and provide employment and a better society.This is the policy that Den Uyl pursued in the Netherlands in the 1970s …. The government can act as a money pump. can pump money away from the rich through taxes, inheritance restrictions and through capital taxes. End quote. Source: Interest is slavery for the poor! You wrote: “Should Omikron prove mild, also in the long term, then there may still be an unprecedented social policy crisis on the horizon; one it will reduce the depression in 2007-2008 (and the decade after) to nothing more than an unintentional “dip.” I remember Corona rehearsing for the biggest show in the world: ‘The Flying Pest Smallpox’. .) A couple of ‘smart’ people have made a genetic fixation box: CRISPR / CAS9 See: With this you can cut genetic material with great precision and insert. Great for a terrorist with a little knowledge of biology. A little flu, a little Ebola, a pinch of corona, a pinch of cholera, a few drops of anthrax, and you have ‘Fly Plague Cups’. Many people in the southern countries have lost their lives, thanks to the extraordinarily generous vest. just on the Palestinians, who have been in concentration camps since 1948. They are allowed to come out now and then, if they are good and will work for the Israelis for starvation wages. And when a Palestinian with extreme PTSD fires a rocket at Israel, Palestinian homes are bombed, and survivors’ PTSD rises even more. If these people get their fingers in a genetic pill box, we do not have to count on inhibitions. Many Palestinians have nothing to live for but much to die for. On top of that, the governments of the rich countries have decided to keep aviation alive at all costs. The rich must be able to keep flying, even if all small businesses have to close their doors during the unintentional lock-down. With Hoekstra’s support, KLM – Air France is ready to spread ‘the Flying Plague Smallpox’ extremely efficiently and effectively. They have a whole fleet of virus servers. And this is not a script from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Half a century ago, people could not have imagined that we would become so idiotic and so hyper-suicidal. The debilophone: The biggest problem, however, is the debilophone. Some people talk about a smartphone, but that does not make you smart. In the past, leaders could retire and have time for reflection and contemplation. Now the smartphone occupies all the attention. Responding to the last message is important, letting things sink in is old-fashioned and outdated. And now the big question: Where is the end?

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