SP member submits bill on new scholarship

Almost all parties in the Folketing want to get rid of the loan system. So let’s not waste time, says MP Frank Futselaar (SP). He puts forward a bill to quickly introduce a new scholarship after the election.

Writing a bill is not easy, Futselaar noted in recent months. Not even if you get full cooperation from the ministry. “I was constantly presented with new elections by the officials,” he says.

A new law takes time. Therefore, if the next cabinet does not start until after the election, it may take a few years before the student grant is adjusted. And SP will prevent that. Futselaar would like students to receive a scholarship as early as September 2021 – no matter what the scholarship will look like.

on the shovel

Because it really can not be otherwise than that the student grant is changed. In the House of Representatives, only VVD still supports the current loan system. All other parties (including former proponents of PvdA, D66 and GroenLinks) want to reintroduce student support in one way or another.

So Futselaar is already laying the groundwork. He has made a calculation full of variables. If the Senate and the House of Representatives agree, the next cabinet can simply fill in these variables. There is then a legal framework for each compromise.

This is the core: students will soon be able to receive a scholarship with a basic part and an extra part. How high will these amounts be? That should be the next coalition. The basic part can in principle even be zero euros, so there is only one extra subsidy.


And how high will the extra grant be? When do you get it? What will be the interest rate on student loans? What will be the compensation for students in recent years? The upcoming closet can fill everything itself. If desired, a distinction can also be made between students living at home and students living at home.

“It really is a practical law,” Futselaar says. “To be clear: SP would like a basic grant and a supplementary scholarship with generous compensation for students in the current student loan system. But this bill makes all variants possible. ”

So what makes this an SP proposal? “It forces the parties to speak for change,” Futselaar said. Do they really want to get rid of the loan system? Then there is no good reason to oppose this bill. “

Moreover, he has already made some choices. In this way, the collective student card for MBO students remains. “I do not think anyone wants to get rid of it.” Students with a disability also keep their gift of 1,200 euros at the exam. It is less easy for them to take a part-time job.


The biggest obstacle to rapid implementation is implementation: can the Education Executive Agency handle it? “The new government must test this in advance, otherwise you can run into problems. But it depends on how complicated you make it. If, for example, one does not have to distinguish between out-of-home students and at-home students, DUO does not have to be aware of that. ”

Moreover, according to this bill, the Cabinet can only fill in the variables itself once (via a ‘general administrative order’). Then another change in the law will be needed. “I do not want to put the House of Representatives on the sidelines forever by increasing or decreasing a student grant,” Futselaar said.

It remains to be seen how quickly his bill will be processed. “The Council of State must also find something about it.” He hopes that everything will succeed before the election or otherwise during the upcoming coalition negotiations.


It is still unknown whether he will defend his own bill. The former HBO teacher had announced that he did not want to return to the House of Representatives after the election. “I really want to go back to education.” But now he is number 19 on the SP list. “It’s a compromise with the party when we have a large group, but I would prefer to become a teacher again.”

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