Start a place that suits you

Start from home

To get straight to the point: starting your own home-based business has its benefits. Most freelancers start from home. That way, you can test whether entrepreneurship is for you. This can be either part time or full time. By working from home, you are flexible and you do not have to rent business premises. You can quickly save hundreds to thousands of euros a month. Do you have a rental property? Ask your landlord for permission. Also check your insurance policies. Your business assets are not covered by your private household insurance.

In addition, you must take into account the rules of your municipality. Not everything is possible and allowed. For example, your plans should fit into the zoning plan. Also check if you need to report a home business to the municipality.

Sold via webshop from home

Whether your municipality allows you to have a webshop at home depends on the zoning plan. This way, your neighbors should not be bothered by your activities. Something to keep in mind if you are calling parcel services that run daily through your street. If you shop through online platforms like, eBay, Amazon and AliExpress, it will not be so bad because you do not have large stocks at home.

Register your business at your home address

Do you register your company with the Chamber of Commerce at your home address? Then your address is visible to everyone. Legally, your company’s home address and business address are 2 different addresses. However, if your business is located at your home address, that address is visible in the Chamber of Commerce’s Trade Register. The business address is always public. Do not want to be visible? Read how to limit your findability.

tax benefits

Do you have a workplace or office in your home with its own entrance, toilet and water connection? Or can you achieve this with some intervention? Then Tax sees your workplace as an independent workspace and you can be allowed to deduct the costs. You can quickly check if this also applies to you with the Tax Authority’s Workspace tool.

Sharing space in a multi-business building

Working from home alone in the attic can be quite lonely. But if kids and pets are hanging from your trouser leg every day, it’s better not to start. If so, you can see if a multi-purpose building is right for you. Here you can find small, affordable jobs with a flexible rental period. If you need more or less space later, this is often possible. You share facilities like maintenance, cleaning, security and meeting rooms with your new neighbors. It saves on costs.

A multi-company building can also be a creative breeding ground. In addition to a comfortable work environment, you can also find entrepreneurs who want to work with you or have tasks for you.

Flexible work in a flex office

Is it okay to work from home for you, but you do not have a suitable meeting place yourself? Explore opportunities near you. For example, different libraries offer (free) flexible workplaces or work mornings for the self-employed. You meet other entrepreneurs and the best ideas often arise during a coffee break. Or rent a work or meeting room in a flex office. You can arrange a room with facilities from a few tens per hour. From WiFi and beamers to catering. The expenses are deductible and you are not obligated to anything. Flex offices are located all over the country in centrally accessible locations.

Establishment of business in a rental property

Is your new workplace an important part of your company’s image? Or is the location important to the customers you want to include? Renting a business room that you can decorate entirely according to your own idea is the obvious choice.

Do you rent a so-called ‘medium-sized business room’, for example for a shop or restaurant? Then you also have the right to rent insurance. Landlord can not just cancel the rent or raise prices. This is often offset by a long rental period of up to 5 years. You can not just terminate yourself. An office, a factory or a warehouse falls under the rules of ‘other business premises’. Here you are not entitled to rent insurance or rent insurance. You agree with the landlord.

Never put your scribbling under a lease too quickly. First, find out what the additional options are and negotiate the rental price and terms. In times of economic downturn, you can probably make a better deal with a landlord. Also, try to incorporate some flexibility for yourself if your business is growing or will have to deal with setbacks.

Tip! Do the free location scan to gain insight into the supply and demand of the place you have in mind. Also useful when doing your competitor analysis.

Buy or rent?

Not sure if you should buy or rent a home yet? It’s a decision you have to make. Buy or rent, both have their own pros and cons. Do you want to buy a property as an entrepreneur? You often have to prove with financial statements that you can pay off the mortgage. Here you can read more about the possibilities of getting a mortgage loan as a self-employed person.

Experiment in a pop-up location

Do you have a limited budget or do you want to experiment with a new retail or catering concept? In neighborhoods where space is available, you can often open a pop-up shop or restaurant on favorable terms. You are temporarily using a location. This is where you offer special or scarce products or services, in the hope that people will not miss your product or experience. In other words, the end-of-life effect.

Even if it is temporary, you must comply with the same laws and regulations as anyone who opens a store or restaurant. So keep a close eye on your costs. You can save significantly on rental costs, but the cost of other business assets, such as the design of your pop-up, remains.

Sold through a market stall

Would you like to sell in the open air and like to stand in different places? You can do this with your own market stall, rented market stall or sales car. You are at weekly markets and fairs. For example, selling fresh produce, snacks or clothes. You can already buy a simple fine from a few hundred euros. You will lose thousands to tens of thousands of euros on a sales car. You can make it as crazy as you want.

Once you have a booth or sales cart, you are not there yet. To be allowed to stand in a market, you must apply for a market permit from the municipality. You will need a parking permit for sale on a stand-alone stand or along a public road.

Make sure you are well aware of the rules of the products you offer. For example, you may not sell alcohol. And do you make fresh snacks to eat right away? Then you must meet the requirements of food safety, HACCP. The rules also apply to other foods and products. And your stand itself must be stable, fireproof and resistant to wind and rain.

Rent or rent a chair

Are you starting your own business in the beauty industry, for example as a hairdresser, beautician or nail stylist? Renting a chair from another entrepreneur is one of the options. Or rent chairs yourself in your workplace. This way you save on the cost of your home. In addition, you can offer services through chair rental, which you do not provide yourself.

Regardless of whether you rent or rent a chair, you must be both independent as a tenant and a landlord for the tax authorities. There should not be an authority relationship where one of you appears to be the employee and the other the employer. Enter into a rental agreement with each other for the rental of the square meters. Also draw up a separate co-operation agreement for all other matters, such as use of stick equipment, opening hours and insurance. Let the similarities refer to each other. When one stops, the other stops automatically.

NB! Do not just rent out a chair if you rent the salon from someone else. Ask your landlord for permission first.

Drive on the road with a food truck

An available alternative to your own restaurant or coffee shop is the food truck. Your own mobile kitchen from which you can sell fresh snacks and drinks. Try to differentiate yourself from an average snack cart with your selection and the look of your food truck. Also consider whether you want to take over a fully equipped food truck, or rather convert a van yourself into a ‘rolling kitchen’. The size of your investment depends on your own ideas.

To be at a festival, you have to rent a place. You can also rent your food truck for events or apply for a parking permit from your municipality. This also allows you to sell at a fixed location or on the street outside the festival season. Check in advance which permits you need. To prevent people from getting sick from your cooking, for example, you must adhere to the rules of food safety, HACCP.

Sell ​​’at the door’

Offer your products or services at the door, on the street or through a party? Stricter rules apply to this type of traveling trade than to sales at a fixed point of sale. Customers come there on their own, and they have time to think about whether to buy something or not. It’s different with door-to-door sales. Therefore, you must enter into an agreement with the buyer for amounts over 50 euros. You and the buyer must both sign 2 deeds, after which the buyer can change his mind for another 14 days. If you want to sell at the door, first check with your municipality if you need a ventilation permit.

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