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April 12, 3:03 p.m.

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The Dutch are an enterprising people. In recent years, there has been a marked growth in the number of companies in the Netherlands. There is a lot to consider when starting your own business.

It is therefore advisable to always familiarize yourself thoroughly with entrepreneurship before you get started. Are you planning to start your own business? In this article you will read some tips and tricks that will make it easier to start your own business.

Know what product or service you can offer

Before you get started, it is of course helpful to know in which industry you want to work and what you can offer. For example, a large proportion of the new companies in the Netherlands are active in e-commerce. More and more of these online retailers are starting dropshipping for the many benefits: you do not need storage space because you do not have to buy products. Of course, it is also possible that you want to start a business in another industry. Maybe you want to get started as a freelance photographer or graphic designer. Or maybe you are very handy and you can get started as a carpenter. The choice is huge when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Explore the market and competition within your industry

It is also always wise to research the market beforehand. You are not the only one who, for example, starts with dropshipping, or who starts as a freelance carpenter. That is why it is so nice to know if there is any demand for such products or services at all. The most important thing to consider here is how you can be different from your competitors. How can you ensure that a potential customer goes for your business and not for the competitor? In other words: how can you distinguish yourself? This requires market research. After all, a local business has a different audience and needs other than a business that wants to be national or even international. Extra tip: at this stage, it is advisable to do market research so that you immediately know what your audience is.

Arrange financing to start a business

Most startups need a company’s start-up capital to get the business started. Of course, it depends on what exactly you need to do; a freelance writer has less need for a freelance photographer, carpenter or one with a webshop based on dropshipping. With a financial plan, you set up exactly what you need in the financial field. You can immediately see where to get such a starting budget. For example, you can knock on the door of the bank for a business loan, but you can also look at the possibilities of crowdfunding. In addition, some of the starters choose to work with so-called business angels. These are people who have often been entrepreneurs themselves and who know more about the tricks of the profession. They help start-ups financially, after which they can also help within the company. In short: learn about the financing that suits you best.

Choose a catchy business name for your business

What you should of course not forget is choosing a catchy company name for your business. Many starters start inventing a name while not having anything on paper yet. Of course, this is a way to start, but it is recommended that you only start when you have the rest in a row. You then register the company with the Chamber of Commerce with the company name in question. It’s important to come up with a really good name that makes you stand out and where people know a little bit about what you are selling. You should also go for a company name that does not already exist. You can check this via the Chamber of Commerce’s website.

Provide adequate visibility to score customers

After you sign up for the Chamber of Commerce, business can begin! In order to reach potential customers, it is necessary to be visible. You can do this by creating a website for your business. To score high in Google with such a website, you need to get started with SEO and marketing. If you have the necessary start-up capital, it is definitely advisable to hire an expert for this. He or she has everything to make your website appear in the search engine. It’s only good for your online visibility! Also think about creating social media accounts and possibly even offline visibility; especially when you get started locally with dropshipping or as a freelance photographer.

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