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No part-time job while studying, but start your own business right away. Stephanie Troost (22) and Roelof Stoelwinder (24) did. One and a half years ago, Troost created LICA, a brand of sugar-free alcoholic cocktails. Chairwinder has a webshop in gaming articles focusing on racing simulation and is currently working on its next venture.

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April 29, 2022

Own company next to the studio

“My webshop is currently up and running because I’m busy developing another business: Lola,” says Roelof Stoelwinder, a third-year student in Business Administration and Management at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. a deposit system to reduce the number of disposable packaging. “

Stephanie Troost is a third-year student in Entrepreneurship and Retail Management at Hogeschool Rotterdam. “The first year and a half of my education, I devoted myself fully to my studies,” she says. “I did not have a part-time job, but I focused primarily on developing business ideas. It is strongly stimulated by my education. That experience I then used to start my own business.”

“When I asked the bartender for a cocktail with less sugar, there were often few options”

Stephanie Troost, founder of LICA

Chairwinder quickly realized that during his studies he would rather be an entrepreneur than a part-time employee. “I have worked in supermarkets and with a mortgage adviser,” he tells “I realized I wanted to do more for the world than work for others.”

“During an internship at a large office, I noticed that a ridiculous amount of disposable packaging is used in the canteen for coffee, tea and food. I wanted to do something about it, but I felt I still lacked the knowledge and experience to tackle this big problem. That’s why I first started creating a webshop, to gain entrepreneurial experience. “

Idea for company obtained while going out

Troost’s company has also arisen out of her own interest, she says. ,, As I went out, I noticed that the menu consisted mainly of cocktails full of sugar. Even when I asked the bartender to make a version with less sugar, there were often few options. So, I come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun.

It started with a market research. ,, I developed the concept and then developed it together with a good friend of mine, Bryan IJsselstein. He now also handles international sales. That’s how we made sure the ball started rolling. “

“I make sure that I choose the courses that I can apply for directly to my company. That way I learned more about, for example, developing processes ”

Roelof Stoelwinder, founder of webshop

“Entrepreneurship runs in our family, my father and grandfather were both very enterprising,” says Troost. “That’s why I chose Entrepreneurship and Retail Management. During this training, you will be encouraged to come up with your own business ideas because this is the perfect time to work. It will be harder when you have completed your education and already have your own job.”

There are many benefits to running a business while still a student, says Stoelwinder. ,, I make sure to choose the courses that I can apply for directly to my company. In this way, I learned more about, for example, developing processes and solving logistical problems. I can spar with teachers for accounting and other business ideas. Now the learning begins in earnest. “

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You can learn to dose

Doing business while studying can be done, says Stoelwinder. “But it has sometimes become too heavy,” he says. “I had to learn to say no and prioritize. There have been times when I planned exams, a lot of hiring and executive work in a week. I take that now.” Before I dose it better. “

It’s also good to keep in mind that things are often easier than they seem, Troost suggests. “You should not think too much and roll up your sleeves. For example, I found pitching very exciting in the beginning because I had never done it before. But once it’s over, it’s really not that bad.

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Aim to become a European understanding

Troost and Stoelwinder would like to continue their business after graduation. “I definitely want to make this my job,” says Troost. “. This year. It gave me an incredible boost. I met interesting people and learned a lot, so I want to keep going.”

Chairwinder hopes to one day be able to make a living from his business. ,, My goal is to be a European famous name within a few years and to be able to spend all my time in Lola. It’s hard work, but a lot of fun. Entrepreneurship suits my personality. I have a hard time sitting still and having to continue on adventures. “

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