“There is still fruit on the trees when customers order it from Fresh.Land”

Fresh.Land makes it possible for customers in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands to order fruit directly from growers while it is still standing on the trees.

According to Mathilde Jakobsen, founder of Fresh.Land, this business model eliminates the need for artificial maturation, cold storage and handling of fruit, as the fruit is delivered directly from the orchard to the consumer. “This means that organic citrus, soft fruits and vegetables are so fresh that products from the supermarket can hardly match this.”

Mathilde Jakobsen in an orchard

The founders and owners of Fresh.Land, the Danish-Portuguese couple Mathilde Jakobsen and Filipe Leal, have developed an app to help growers like Filipe’s father Artur, who grows oranges in the Algarve, become independent of intermediaries.

You can taste the freshness
“When I tasted oranges directly from the trees in my Portuguese father – in – law’s orchard, I noticed that they had a different taste and sweetness. When I buy oranges in the supermarket in Denmark, I do not recognize this taste at all anymore,” says Jakobsen.

The concept of Fresh.Land is simple but effective. Consumers order a box of fruit or vegetables of their choice via an app that links them directly to a grower. The order will be delivered within a few days, complete with harvest date. Growers then receive their payment within a week, which is unique in the food industry, where payment terms are typically between 60 and 180 days. Both organic and conventional seasonal fruits are available, including citrus and avocado, kumquat and limequat, bananas and blueberries. Within the vegetable segment, there are peppers, different types of tomatoes, asparagus and mushrooms.

In addition to the favorable payment terms, growers working with Fresh.Land also benefit from being able to sell all product categories through this innovative platform, including Class II products and products in non-standard sizes.

“We can make a positive contribution because we deliver products directly to households and offer premium fruit and vegetables that are optimally fresh and, of course, also organic. “It is very satisfying to be able to provide households with product combinations that are difficult to find elsewhere, and to give people in Denmark and the other countries that join our platform the opportunity to experience the real taste of Granada,” says Noelia, an avocado grower from Spain.Granada, which has been a member of Fresh.Land since September 2020.

The business ‘went through the roof’ during the corona pandemic
Fresh.Land experienced rapid growth during the harsh shutdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to its online model with weekly orders and delivery of fresh food boxes, consumers in Sweden and Denmark could still enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables. “It also provided a much-needed source of income, especially for small producers and suppliers. During the corona pandemic, we gave many growers ‘some extra respite’ to get through the hard shutdowns,” Jakobsen explains.

Unlike other companies that saw their sales collapse during the hard lockdowns, Fresh.Land grew explosively and this rapid growth became a bit too much for the company. Jakobsen says that it could not be handled properly. “The journey we have taken to reach this point has not always been easy. Recently, we had to overcome two unforeseen challenges. When the pandemic broke out, we saw our sales explode and our business grew rapidly. We “expanded within a year from a handful of employees to almost 50 employees. Unfortunately, we have not quite managed to steer this growth in the right direction. You could say that we were victims of our own success.”

“Another challenge was the delay in our fundraising. Although we did not expect any of the problems, we learned some valuable experiences from this,” says Jakobsen.

Fresh.Land is a group of companies based in Portugal (where it was founded in 2015) with a Scandinavian office in Denmark, the company’s main market. However, Fresh.Land also delivers to customers in Sweden and the Netherlands. A subsidiary has been established in the German market whose activities have been temporarily suspended.

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