These 6 apps take into account your holiday budget

Are you going out this summer? With these apps, you keep track of your holiday budget so you do not face surprises at the end of your holiday.

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6 budget apps for the holidays

On holiday, you often spend a little more money than usual. It’s not bad at all, because you’ve probably saved up for it. However, spending on vacation can sometimes go a little faster than you think. It is therefore wise to keep track of your expenses to ensure that you stay within budget. These apps make it very easy for you to keep track of your expenses.


Spendee is a handy app on vacation. The app instantly calculates the currency of the country you are in. For example, if you go to Turkey, you can enter both Euros and Turkish Lira. The app immediately shows how much the amount is in euros, or vice versa. In the app, you set a budget, which you can call ‘Holiday’, for example. Here you enter the maximum amount you want to spend on your trip.

Spendee then helps you stick to it by showing how close you get to budget. You can repeat the budget or set it once. A one-time package is a practical option for a holiday. When you use something and enter it into the app, Spendee automatically deducts it from your budget. That way, you always know where you stand.

Spendee Budget & Money Tracker

Spendee Budget & Money Tracker

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holiday budget apps

2. 22seven: Budget, track and save

With 22seven you can easily set goals, for example for the holidays. First of all, the app shows you an overview of all your accounts. If you have set a budget, you will be notified when you have almost reached your budget.

You can also save in advance with the app for some pocket money on holiday. 22seven then gives you suggestions on how you can save money so you have more left over for your holiday. In addition, the app shows you what you can spend a day with your specified budget.

22seven: Budget, track and save

22seven: Budget, track and save

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3. Next

With Next, expenses are entered in no time. You select an icon for a category and enter the amount. At that point, it is immediately saved as an expense. Thanks to the iCloud sync and the iPad and Mac app, you have Next at your fingertips everywhere.

To make it even easier for yourself, you can put the categories on the home screen that you use the most. By swiping left or right, you can see an overview of all your expenses, as well as see graphs of what you have used so far. This way you can immediately see if you have crossed the line somewhere.

Next for iPhone

Next for iPhone

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holiday budget apps


Buddy focuses on sticking to a budget. It will take some time to complete everything, but once you have done that, you can get started. Because you can fill everything out completely, it’s also easier to keep a budget.

To add a new number while on vacation, simply tap the plus sign. Enter a category below the amount, and possibly a note. During the holidays, you can see exactly what you have spent the most money on and how much you have left. The app has many more features, but for that you need to sign up for a paid subscription for $ 4.99 per month or $ 34.99 per year.

Buddy - Budget and expenses

Buddy – Budget and expenses

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5. Pennies: Budget and Expenditure

Pennys is a must when it comes to apps for your holiday budget. The interface is intuitive and simple, so you can quickly understand how everything works. You no longer need from a budget app. The integration with the Apple Watch is also a plus. In Pennies, you can easily set a budget that you can repeat or set once.

By syncing with iCloud, you can check how much you have left to spend at any one time and on any device. When you add Pennies to your messaging center, you will see here a daily summary of your expenses. By tapping it, you immediately open the app for a more comprehensive overview.

Pennies - Budget and Expenditure

Pennies – Budget and Expenditure

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6. WhoPaysWhat

If you are going on holiday with friends from different households, WieBetaaltWat is the app to travel. When you are on vacation, you do not want to keep track of all expenses. With this app, you do not have to take it into account.

All holidaymakers can be added to the same group in the app via email. Anyone who has decided something puts their expenses into it. At the end of the holiday, you press ‘Settlement’ and you immediately see who has to pay what and to whom he has to pay. So you no longer have to worry about whether it is fairly distributed.

More holiday apps

Do you like budgeting? Fortunately, these apps can not only be used on vacation. There are also many more useful budget apps in the App Store. On our site you can also read which apps you can use when you are on holiday. We also give you tips on how to prepare your iPhone for the holidays.

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