Tomra introduces new technology for robot box packaging

Tomra, a provider of collection and sorting solutions, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Each of the four business units, Collection, Food, Recycling and Mining, honored this milestone by jointly announcing their future mission to “transform all the raw materials they obtain, use and recycle to achieve a world without waste”.

Tove Andersen, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Tomra, states: “We live in a world that is undergoing a great change. We have an urgent need to improve our sustainability, create a circular economy and make more efficient use of raw materials. with Tomra’s solutions. “

Tomra was founded in Norway on April 1, 1972 by the brothers Petter and Tore Planke. After seeing a local store owner struggle with the manual intake of empty bottles, the brothers designed the first fully automatic packaging machine (RVM) in the garage of their parents’ home.

Today, Tomra employs more than 4,600 people and has an annual turnover of € 1 billion. 20% of its workforce and 8% of its revenue are allocated to research and development.

Michel Picandet, Vice President and Head of Tomra Food: “We are delighted to be part of the celebration of Tomra’s 50th anniversary. Tomra Foods is a relatively new division, but nevertheless feels strongly committed to the great Tomra corporate culture. and objectives. “

“Looking to the future, Tomra aims to be at the forefront of the global resource revolution, where every resource counts (Every Resource Counts). Our mission is to help our customers feed the world’s population, increase their profits, lose weight and create a sustainable value chain. ”

“In the classification, Tomra works with customers to maximize the value of the food chain. Our solutions increase the value of food, from harvesting to processing and packaging, and even distribution and consumption, which is Thanks to the valuable digital resources and data we have to offer, we contribute to a sustainable world. “

New branding
The Tomra Food brand will for the first time be accompanied by the slogan ‘Every Resource Counts’.

To adapt the activities of Tomra Foods, which has grown strongly in recent years thanks to mergers and acquisitions, Compac and BBC Technologies will adopt the Tomra Foods brand. Together, these form a new business area, Tomra Fresh Food, while the other activities in Tomra Food become part of Tomra Processed Food.

Andersen said: “The new branding is part of our strategy to recruit new talent to Tomra and Tomra Food, which we hope will expand our workforce significantly through 2026.

Every Raw material Let it count
The company strengthens its position not only by designing and manufacturing sorting solutions, but also by translating high technology and complex data into valuable information.

Picandet: “Tomra has expanded its collaboration with customers, partners and other sectors to help the food supply chain overcome challenges caused by the loss of nature, the impact of climate change and increasing inequality in the world. By focusing on customer needs and By leveraging advanced digital solutions, we can greatly reduce food waste. ”

“By combining Tomra’s deep knowledge of food categories and product characteristics and digital analytics, Tomra Food can provide its loyal customers with smart sorting solutions. It is good for our customers, which can strengthen their business activities, but also for the necessary reduction of global food waste.”

Robotic box packing technology
Tomra presented its new robot box packaging technology at the Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin. KETE16 automates the process of placing punnets and clamshells in crates, crates and trays. The technology fits seamlessly with the pace and capacity of the fast filling machine CURO16.

Paul Slupecki, Head of Global Sales at Tomra Fresh Food: “KETE16 is a versatile end-of-line system with high capacity and features that have not been available in the industry until now. No other robotic package solution can offer such a solution. process a variety of package types at high speed.The machine is capable of handling different sizes of punnets and cartons, with easy switching between package types, minimizing downtime, increasing productivity and ensuring that each package is correct.

KETE16 is adapted to the capacity of the CURO16 Fill by Weight machine and is designed to enable rapid switching between pack sizes and types. This unique design is designed to pick up and place seashells in boxes, and avoid the disadvantages of the suction method, such as accidental opening of lids and damage to the product.

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