Do not miss these 5 Android apps and games (Edition # 16 2022)

Very easy to create 3D models and race in the air. These are the best Android apps and games from last week.

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1. Polycam

Building 3D models without wear and tear: this is what Polycam takes care of. This new app uses your smartphone’s camera to create 3D models of objects around you. You can then use this to make games, or for example in Photoshop programs.

This week's best Android apps and games Polycam

Polycam works very simply. You press the button and then move slowly around the object. The app now takes a lot of pictures and puts them together eventually. You can get to know the app for free, but to make more than five 3D models, you have to pull out your wallet. A monthly subscription costs 8.99 euros.

Download Polycam from Google Play Store (free trial)

2. Linko

How good is your logical insight? You can test it with Linko. This game is about connecting circles and squares. You do this using lines, turns and ’roundabouts’. You tap on these items to rotate them and connect them all.

Linko - Relaxing bow |  Level 1 - 10 |  Gameplay

As befits a good puzzle, Linko starts very simply, but the paths quickly become more spicy. For example, at some point you will be forced to use all available puzzle elements, making the final path much larger.

Download Linko from Google Play Store (free)

3. Damnnnn

With Damnnnn you learn something every day. The app describes itself as a social pedagogical platform, where you follow short, clear ‘lessons’. These often start with a brief central question, such as how Apple designed the iPhone. You will be updated instantly on the basis of images, text, sound and gif animations.

This week's best Android apps and games Damnnnn

The platform is in English and completely free. The micro-hours are created by experts in a specific field, such as marketing, finance or mental health. When you launch the app for the first time, you can specify your personal interests. It is also possible to follow experts. That way, you can follow their book, movie, and podcast recommendations.

Download Damnnnn from Google Play Store (free)

4. Airborne Motocross

Racing on a track is fun, but tearing through the air is even more fun. Airborne Motocross is a fairly straightforward racing game with a twist. Every now and then you are launched so that you suddenly float through the air. This changes the whole game dynamics, because suddenly the controls work differently.

Airborne Motocross Trailer

Airborne Motocross is a wonderful and chaotic game in between. You have to be careful, because (online) teammates can suddenly turn on their nitro, which makes them much faster. You can also outdo each other by sabotaging each other’s engines.

Download Airborne Motocross from Google Play Store (free)

5. Wisdom

Wisdrom is all about wise counsel. In this new Android app it is possible to ask for and give advice. Popular topics about wisdom are (mental) health, career counseling and economics. The app is entirely in English, so you need to speak a nice word about the border.

Wisdom - Conversations That Matter!

Because counseling is something very personal, you use your voice on wisdom. As soon as you ask for advice, others have the opportunity to ‘call’ you. This is done in the app, where you have the option to make the conversation public or not. In that respect, it looks like the Wisdom Clubhouse, the sound app that suddenly became popular at the start of the corona pandemic.

Download Wisdom from Google Play Store (free)

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