From broker to pest control: these are the best companies in Amsterdam according to Trustoo

A long and tiring search for a good and affordable company: something you do not want at all. Trustoo is the solution! The online platform is known for showing the 10 best companies by specific service in your area. We will list 5 top companies from the Amsterdam area for you.

At Trustoo, supply and demand are gathered on one convenient online platform. Trustoo already does the research for you, so you immediately have an overview of local companies for the service in question. Trustoo includes reviews, experience, quality marks and training. The best companies from the Amsterdam area can be found here.

1) Brokerage firm Rohlof Real Estate

Do you want to buy or sell a house? Rohlof Real Estate is number one in the real estate category on Trustoo. With a score of 10.0 and an average of 5.0 stars out of 20 reviews, this company is in a well-deserved first place in the top 10 in Amsterdam. Research shows that Trustoo in Amsterdam is by far the most searched for good real estate agents. In total, in 2021, no less than 16,753 clicks were made on this category. Curious, which brokers are in Amsterdam’s top 10? Check out the top 10 on Trustoo.

2) Pest Control Company EHVD

Pests in your house: you have probably experienced it yourself. Today, you can hardly avoid it in Amsterdam. It is therefore not surprising that pest controllers are very popular in the city. With a score of 9.9 and an average of 5.0 stars from 26 reviews, EHVD is number one from Amsterdam on Trustoo. If you suffer from pests, you will of course want to get rid of this as soon as possible and it is required that it is urgent. Through Trustoo, you can gather all the necessary information in a very short time and immediately place your task with a highly qualified company. At Trustoo you can see the other companies from the top 10 pest control in Amsterdam.

3) Web designer

Today, the online world is indispensable. Businesses choose the online strategy galore and make themselves visible to customers. A good website is therefore becoming increasingly important. In addition to your specific needs, a web design agency also takes into account the searchability of search engines like Google. has a score of 10.0 and has 26 reviews with an average of 5.0 stars on Trustoo. This places them in first place among the 10 best web designers in Amsterdam. Check out the other web designers from the top 10 in Amsterdam on Trustoo.

4) Moving company Randstad Moving & Transport

Moving to a new home: we all bump into this several times in our lives. Randstad Flytte & Transport makes your move much easier. With a score of 9.8 and an average of 4.9 stars out of 65 reviews, this moving company is number one in the top 10 moving companies in Amsterdam on Trustoo. Trustoo provides a clear overview of the best moving companies in Amsterdam. A private, business or international move: let’s take care of it. See here for the entire top 10 best movers from Amsterdam.

5) Painting company RV Real Estate Maintenance BV

We have already talked about the real estate and moving industry. It is no surprise that painting companies are currently a much sought after service. Number one in the top 10 painters from Amsterdam according to Trustoo is RV Vastgoedbeheer BV. A score of 9.5 and 156 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars shows that Schildersbedrijf RV Vastgoedbeheer BV has a deserved first place. Ideal: Via Trustoo you will find the best mover and painter within a few clicks. This gives you time for more fun things like picking out new furniture. See the 10 best painters in Amsterdam on Trustoo.

Also practical: At Trustoo you will find not only the best rated companies, but also the average cost per. sector in the practical Trustoo cost overview. That way you always know where you stand!

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