Get a mortgage as a self-employed person? This is possible

As a start-up entrepreneur, your financial situation is usually still uncertain. In the first years, you invest primarily and often earn a little less. Previously, mortgage lenders were therefore not so keen on helping entrepreneurs with a mortgage loan. They required positive annual figures of at least three years. Mortgage adviser Marcel Soek talks about the changes in the mortgage market and how you can still get a mortgage loan as a self-employed person.

Turn on the mortgage market

“The last five to seven years have seen a turnaround,” Soek says. “You see more and more parties focusing on entrepreneurs. For example, the years of paid employment count to determine a test income for start-up entrepreneurs. “What also helps, according to Soek, is that the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) supports mortgage loans for entrepreneurs.” Banks adapt their policies to NHG’s. “


Applying for a mortgage loan is still difficult for really new entrepreneurs. You need to be able to demonstrate that your business will generate money now and in the future, and that’s almost impossible if you’re just getting started. From a year of entrepreneurship, you have a chance at these banks.

If you have been in business for less than three years, your sample income does not always count in full.

Soek sees a specialty emerge in the mortgage market. “It also gives start-up freelancers more options. Providers who focus on entrepreneurs have the necessary knowledge to analyze annual figures for companies. For providers who outsource such an analysis, it is often a standard process and customization is not possible.”

When assessing your application, a mortgage bank will look at, among other things:

  • In which sector you work (see also Corona effect).
  • How high your fixed costs are.
  • How much risk do you run with your business.
  • How your business and profits have evolved.
  • What are the expectations for the future of your business.

Mortgage height

If you are looking for a house, you want to know how much you can borrow. With an online tool, salaried employees can get an idea of ​​what they can borrow because their income is the same every month. For entrepreneurs, it is more complicated to determine the test income because your income can vary from month to month and year and year.

Make a forecast so you have insight into the future.

Soek recommends that you talk to an independent mortgage adviser before you look. The opportunities for entrepreneurs vary from provider to provider. For example, many mortgage lenders do not take your full test income with you if you have done so for less than three years. “You have to sit down with a mortgage adviser once, then you might as well do it in advance. It also prevents disappointments. ”

In the current housing market, it is extra helpful to know in advance what you can use. “Otherwise, you will be outcompeted by people who offer unconditional financing.” In addition, home buyers offer a lot as standard, so it is better to look at houses in a slightly lower price range.

For everyone who applies for a mortgage loan, you can get a maximum of 100% of the value of the home financed. So you should always have your own money at the buyer’s expense. That is usually about six percent of the purchase price of a home. In 2020, the average house price was 334,000 euros, so you quickly end up with an amount of around 20,000 euros.

Prepare a mortgage application

It is important to prepare your mortgage application down to the smallest detail. After all, you need to convince the bank that you can pay off your mortgage now and in the future. Soek: “Sit down with your accountant or bookkeeper, make sure you have your financial statements in order and make an overview of the figures for the current financial year. Your accountant can also help you make a forecast so you have a good insight into what awaits. ”

More and more parties are targeting entrepreneurs.

Tip: It helps if you are insured against incapacity for work. Persons in paid employment are automatically insured against this via the employee insurances. They are entitled to unemployment benefits in the event of illness or incapacity for work. As a self-employed person, you must insure yourself against this risk. Otherwise, your income will be lost if you become ill or unable to work for a long time. Then you may no longer be able to pay off your mortgage.

Income statement

Mortgage banks usually want to see an income statement. You can request this from a specialized agency. Note: Some banks only work with agencies designated by them.

When preparing the income statement, such an agency is based, among other things, on your annual accounts and tax returns. If you’ve been in business for less than three years, it helps if you’ve done the job you do now as an entrepreneur for a boss. They may be more likely to count income from employment than they do. For an NHG mortgage, your income statement must not be more than six months old. For other mortgages, the validity is different from the provider.

Pledge with NHG

As an entrepreneur, you can also take out a mortgage loan with NHG. Then you know for sure that your mortgage will live up to the standards for responsible borrowing from NIBUD. You are also insured if you can no longer pay off your mortgage due to unemployment, termination of your relationship or loss of your partner.

You can take out a mortgage loan with NHG if you have been self-employed for at least one year. Many mortgage lenders have more flexible terms if you take out a mortgage with NHG. They then count, for example, 100% of your test income to determine the size of your maximum mortgage. Or you only need one annual statement instead of three annual accounts. If you want an NHG mortgage, you must have an income statement from one of the parties appointed by NHG.

Negative corona effect

What if your income shows a marked decline due to the corona crisis? “It certainly has implications for the amount you can borrow,” Soek says. “It is still uncertain how the situation will develop. The banks cannot assess this and will prevent you from entering into an obligation that you cannot fulfill. ”

Since the corona crisis, the mortgage banks have been working on a corona questionnaire for entrepreneurs. They want to know to what extent you have been hit by the crisis, whether you have received state aid and whether you still have reserves to absorb new setbacks. Soek: “Then we solve the case together with the entrepreneur: How safe is it that you make money again next year? You have to convince the bank that there is music in it. ”

You can also borrow less if for other reasons you have had a smaller profit in the last financial year. Is your business doing better this year? Then you can consider postponing the house purchase to next year, so that the bank expects the more favorable figures for this year.

Growing business

At the same time, there are companies that are experiencing growth. Most banks look at the average profits of recent years, but sometimes a favorable last fiscal year ensures that you can get a higher mortgage. The bank then looks at your growth potential, where the last few years weigh heavier in the calculation.


In your first year as an entrepreneur, your profit was 25,000 euros, in year two it was 35,000 euros and in the third year your profit grew to 50,000 euros. Banks usually spend the average of these three years: 36,666 euros. However, when calculating the growth potential, the first year counts once, the second year twice and the third year three times. You then arrive at a significantly higher test income: 40,833 euros.

The possibilities per. mortgage lenders

Which mortgage lender can you contact as an independent? In this overview, you can read from how many years of entrepreneurship you can go in which bank, and whether the bank offers a calculation tool for entrepreneurs.

Mortgage lender
Pledge from how many years of entrepreneurship
Calculation tool (suitable) for entrepreneurs?
ABN AMRO 1 year Yes
Aegon 1 year New
Alliance 1 year New
Argentina 1 year Yes
ASN 1 year New
asr 1 year New
Attens Mortgage 1 year New
BLG Living 1 year New
Florius 1 year Yes
Hypotrust 1 year Yes
ING 1 year New
IQWOON 3 years Yes
Lloyds Bank 2 years New
Lot Mortgage 1 year Yes
Coin mortgage 3 years Yes
National Holland 1 year Yes
NIBC Direct 1 year Yes
Obvion 1 year Yes
Rabobank No minimum, Rabobank looks at your personal situation New
RegionBank 1 year New
Robust mortgages 1 year Yes
SNS Bank 1 year New
Triodos 3 years Yes
Tulip Pant 1 year New
housing fund 1 year Yes

The data in this table is based on the information on the websites of the relevant mortgage lenders.

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