great achievement and great challenges

Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen is 10 years old. A period in which the number of companies more than doubled from 50 to 107.

Job growth accelerated even faster: from 1250 to the current 3000 FTE. The campus does not want to give itself much time to enjoy that success: The Next Ten Anniversary Program is first and foremost the source of inspiration to work further with the challenges of circularity and health. The bar is set high: It is Brightlands Chemelot Campus’ ambition to develop Limburg into a leading position in Europe in these areas.

  • Number of companies and jobs doubled in 2012-2022
  • The circularity and health of the future are spearheads

The kick-off to a series of events around the tenth anniversary is Tuesday, May 10th. Then new campus residents present themselves and their innovations during the ‘New Residents and Talent Show’. Part of this is also the presentation of the cross-border project ‘Het Talent Centraal’, where high school students have made new designs of recycled textiles.


With DSM, Maastricht University and the province of Limburg as founders, Brightlands Chemelot Campus was ‘built’ in 2012 on the pillars of science / education, entrepreneurship and government. In the ten years, the campus has developed into a leading innovative ecosystem, where sustainable chemistry, circular materials and biomedical solutions are at the center. When it comes to the development of high quality materials, sustainable processes or biomedical innovations, the campus has become a player of national importance with international impact.


The campus ecosystem consists of 107 companies and organizations, where more than 3,000 people work and where more than a thousand students work with today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. The number of students at the university, HBO and MBO level represents a growth of 244% compared to the first 300 students who arrived on campus ten years ago. Talent development is therefore an important spearhead.

The growth of companies, jobs and students also meant that more space was needed. The beautiful Center Court campus building is built for this purpose, which as a beating heart more than invites cooperation, cross-pollination and inspiration. Two Brighthouses have been built to meet the growing demand for industrial premises. The total square meters have more than doubled to 114,000.


Collaboration is a guiding principle at Brightlands Chemelot Campus and an important prerequisite for success. One example is the campus’ contribution to the Chemelot Circular Hub, a growth accelerator toward a circular society. But collaboration between campus residents themselves, with partners and parties at Chemelot Industrial Park or with parties at one of the other three Brightland campuses in Maastricht, Heerlen and Venlo strengthens all partners and leads to better results. This applies to cooperation with governments, education and business in the region, in the Netherlands and across the border. Brightlands stands for ‘knowledge crossing borders’.

First event: New residents and talent show

The opening event on May 10 focuses on meeting new businesses on campus and new talent. The participating organizations pitch from the red carpet about the latest innovations being worked on.

The meeting between companies and talent will also take place during this meeting. Students from Europaschule in Herzogenrath, Germany and Porta Mosana College in Maastricht present designs made from recycled textiles. This is part of the project Het Talent Centraal by CHILL (C Hemelot Innovation and Learning Labs) and Wanderful.Stream, supervised by designer Maria Voth Velasco.

Bert Kip, CEO of Brightlands Chemelot Campus: “The next ten symbolize this anniversary year, where we want to challenge and inspire with special events to help build a circular and healthy community. I look back with pride on our growth in numbers, but especially on the innovation successes. We have achieved this together with many partners in the region, in the Netherlands and abroad. And partly thanks to our founders. And we will reflect on this together with our campus residents and partners in this anniversary year. But we are far from The development does not stop, the challenges are great and innovation is never finished. That is precisely why Brightlands Chemelot Campus places so much emphasis on talent development. To be relevant tomorrow, you must invest in talent today. Together we face great Tasks that we will also solve with full dedication and with all our energy in the next ten years. Together we want to make Limburg the new European le in the field of circularity and health. “

Source: Brightlands Chemelot Campus press release

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