Official announcements Ermelo municipality week 18

Herewith the official announcements from Ermelo municipality and the requested and announced permits.

General information

Granted event permit

  • To host the Home & Garden Event on 14 May 2022 from 10.00 to 16.00 at ‘t Weitje. For this event, a dispensation has also been granted from noise nuisance pursuant to section 4: 6 APV and a dispensation for the supply of low-alcohol beverages pursuant to section 35 of the Alcohol Act.
  • To hold the Classic Race Demo Horst / Ermelo on 21 May 2022 from kl. 13:00 to 21:00 on and near the Zeeweg 100. For this event, there is also a dispensation to hold a road race with vehicles in accordance with Article 148 (2). 1, sub b. Of the Traffic Act of 1994 granted
  • To arrange a spring market on May 5 from kl. 10.00 to 16.00 on the site Paul Krugerweg 43 (on the grounds of the Stichting Bartiméus Sonneheerdt ‘Henriëtte van Heemstrahuis’)

Granted object exemption

  • Inner field unnumbered (near Lokhorstweg 15): for the location of mobile telescopic crane and building materials on 25 July 2022 from 06:00 to 17:00

Building and environment

Application for environmental approval

  • Palmbosweg unnumbered (near Buitenbrinkweg): for temporary placement of a building sign
  • Garderenseweg 431A: for planting a number of shrubs, legalizing a pool / pond and legalizing a greenhouse
  • Fazantlaan 4: for placement of sanitary units
  • Oude Telgterweg 205: for cutting 5 forest pines and 8 oaks
  • Wiekslag 17: for renewal and placement of twigs on the front and rear roof surfaces
  • Drieprinsenpad (from Sprielderweg to De Laak): for the improvement and extension of the cycle path
  • Mountain road (from Garderenseweg to Paleisweg): for the improvement and extension of the cycle path
  • Postweg (from Drieërweg to Schaapskooi): for the improvement and extension of the cycle path
  • Groevenbeekse Heide (from Oude Telgterweg to Putterweg): for widening of the cycle path
  • Hoge Enk 40 to 54 and Suikerbakker 11 to 21: for the renovation of the roof of 14 homes

Intention to grant an environmental permit (extended procedure) at the request of the permit holder

  • Cantharellaan 21: to build a house. This is a comprehensive procedure in connection with the deviation from the zoning plan.

An environmental permit has been granted

  • Buitenbrinkweg 34: an environmental approval with a limited environmental test for low-emission implementation of stables F and G with an air scrubber and updating of the environmental drawing.
  • Dokter van Dalelaan 36: for felling 4 beech and 3 chestnut trees (with replanting obligation)
  • Hogewal 60: for the construction of an entrance or exit and the felling of a beech
  • Nassaulaan 8: for expanding the house and mounting twigs on front and rear roof surfaces
  • Bilderdijklaan 18: to build a house
  • Garderenseweg 174A: to extend the temporary location of a temporary accommodation unit

Amended environmental approval

  • Dennenlaan 9: for cutting 1 tree. This amendment order relates to the environmental approval given on 26 January 2022 for felling 3 trees at the location Dennenlaan 9. The change means that 1 tree may be felled instead of 3 trees.

Extension of the decision period by 6 weeks
(postponement of environmental approval)

  • Pheasantlaan 14: for the construction of a horse stable and riding arena

Notice of environmental approval
(extended procedure)

Witteland 3A: for fireproof use of a school. This environmental permit has been prepared in accordance with the comprehensive procedure mentioned in section 3.4 Awb. This is a comprehensive procedure in connection with the fireproof use of a school. Therefore, from 10 March 2022, a design environment permit has been under inspection for 6 weeks. No comments were received during this period. In response to the views expressed, the decision was adopted without amendment.

Demolition / asbestos

  • Doctor van Dalelaan 66: for the removal of asbestos from the farm • Hoge Enk 40: for the removal of asbestos from 14 homes
  • Telgterweg 290: for the removal of asbestos from the dwelling
  • Veldweg 38: for the removal of asbestos from 8 homes
  • Cantharellaan 16: for removing asbestos from a home
  • Rodeschuurderwegje 60: for asbestos removal and demolition of medium voltage spaces

Decision on activities

  • Buitenbrinkweg 34: for installing two air scrubbers and changing the occupancy rate
  • Harderwijkerweg 182: cessation of activity within the institution
  • Kerkdennen 36: for renovation of the office space and addition of stairwells with elevator
  • Oude Nijkerkerweg 151: to start a company whose property is leased to a third party

Decree discharge outside facilities

  • Paleisweg 193: for the realization of a GBES

Wabo allow limited environmental testing

  • Buitenbrinkweg 34: 2 low emission stables for use

Traffic and transport

traffic order

  • The mayor and councilors have decided to close the Oude Arnhemse Karweg and Sprielderweg (unpaved road sections) to motorized traffic. With regard to the declaration of closure of Jacobslaan and Oude Arnhemse Karweg (stretch of road between Jacobslaan and de Laak), a dispensation has been granted to the residents of Laak 2.

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