Profit AEX companies under pressure – Amazon is severely punished in the stock market

Profit AEX companies are under pressure due to rapidly rising costs

Listed Dutch companies warn for the first time that their profitability will come under pressure due to higher costs. This emerges from an analysis of the quarterly figures from Financieele Dagblad. So far, 34 of the 75 largest listed companies in Amsterdam have shared their numbers. 71 percent warn investors about the rising prices they have to pay.

The companies are affected by rising prices for, among other things, raw materials, energy, transport and staff. Not all companies can easily pass this on to the customers. Among others, ASML, Unilever and Heineken have noted that the profit margin is declining.

2. Amazon was severely punished in the stock market after its first loss since 2015

Amazon lost $ 180 billion in market value on Friday. The company was penalized on the stock market for the quarterly figures that showed Amazon had suffered a net loss for the first time since 2015. Revenue still rose 7 percent, but the bottom line was a loss of $ 3.8 billion in the first quarter.

The online store is suffering from rising fuel and staff costs. The company also had to make a significant write-down on its share in the electric car manufacturer Rivian.

3. Money Invest-NL hardly goes directly to Dutch companies

Of the 500 million euros that Invest-NL spent, only a small part of them ended up directly with Dutch companies, even though that was the goal. This is stated in a statement from the NRC. But 161 million euros ended up with Dutch companies. The rest of the amount, 340 million euros, was invested in other investment funds investing in Europe or globally in young companies.

Invest-NL’s total investment budget is 1.7 billion euros. According to the legal mandate, all investments made must be ‘for the benefit of the Dutch economy’.

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Hospitals are taking steps to continue using Philips devices

Dutch hospitals have not banned Philips fans en masse after the UK Health Inspectorate MRHA called for replacement because the failure of the devices has led to deaths and injuries.

The hospitals have taken measures, for example by inserting additional sensors to monitor the patients, the devices are monitored extra closely and by providing backflow. The hospitals thus follow Philips’ proposal until a structural solution is found. A few institutions use alternative machines, according to a tour of FD.

5. Fortex CEO resigns due to illegal return of migrants

Director Fabrice Leggeri, who has headed the European border security agency Frontex since 2015, has resigned. Fortex has been involved in scandals for years. Leggeri’s decision foresees the publication of a long-term investigation conducted by EU anti-fraud watchdog Olaf into harassment and dishonesty in the agency.

The report allegedly involved the illegal deportation of migrants at EU borders and breaches of EU rules. Frontex has always denied all allegations about it. One of Leggeri’s nicknames was’ Mr. Teflon, “because the charges against him and his agency never seemed to stick to him.

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6. Must read: Van Lienden and his staff get into further trouble

Victim of a media smear, this is how Sywert van Lienden saw himself after the face mask agreement came to light. The prosecution is now keeping a close eye on him and his partners, de Volkskrant writes in an analysis.

After Van Lienden and Bernd Damme were suspended by the court in Amsterdam as directors of the Auxiliary Alliance Foundation, Van Lienden’s and his partners’ Dutch bank accounts were also frozen on Friday. A total of 11.5 million euros has been seized, according to the prosecution. ‘They do not do such a thing easily,’ says lawyer Peter Plasman. “It reinforces the idea that the prosecution believes it has a strong case.”

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7. Zoom topic: Airbnb employees can work remotely forever

Actually, Airbnb employees should start working in the office again from September 2022, but the company is now returning to that. The 6,000 employees are always allowed to work remotely. American workers are allowed to work anywhere in the country without having their wages reduced.

In this way, Airbnb wants to encourage the use of Airbnb homes as offices. In an effort to achieve this, the company launched Live Anywhere last summer. Twelve people will have the opportunity to travel around the world during this program while working from Airbnb locations.

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