Is wireless technology the trend of the future?

More and more equipment is being delivered without cord. Where years ago we could not imagine that we could ever listen to music on the road without a cable, today it is more common to buy cordless headphones than something unique. Not to mention other equipment. All of these wireless applications mean that we regularly wonder what such developments have in store for us in the future. Is the technology of the future completely wireless? We’ve set it up for you.

Is wireless technology the trend of the future?Wireless headphones at the forefront of wireless equipment

The wireless headphones and headphones are most likely just the beginning of wireless technology. There are so-called experts who definitely see that the use of cables is limited. When the iPhone 7 hit the books in 2016 as the first smartphone without audio jacks, many consumers were surprised. Where should you connect your headphones to, for example, listen to music or make a phone call without everyone being able to listen?

Apple soon came up with another connection; the so-called Lightning connection for headphones with the same end. That same year, they also offered the first edition of the Apple Airpods, a pair of wireless headphones that you could and can connect to your smartphone via bluetooth. It turned out to be the beginning of a new era for the purchase of headphones and headphones. Many more brands have now realized the benefits of wireless audio systems and today you can go anywhere, even at Rolfstoneto buy such headphones and headphones.

Portable smartphone as the next step in wireless technology?

Wireless audio makes you want more, and it was not long before the first fully portable smartphone was announced. In 2019 came the first reports that the Chinese phone manufacturer Meizu was working on the very first portable smartphone in the world. This quickly turned out to be a marketing stunt, but because the reactions were positive, other big brands decided to throw themselves into this. Nowadays, you can also charge your smartphone wirelessly if your phone has this feature.

Meanwhile, the globally known brand Xiaomi has shown the world a concept version of the first real portable smartphone without buttons and connections, writes RTL News last year† Phone giant Apple also plans to release a smartphone that is hermetically sealed and therefore does not have connecting ports and other buttons. In any case, the technology is now available; for now it’s just waiting for the first portable smartphone to come out and which brand will be the first brand to come with it.

Also options for wireless televisions

In addition to buying wireless headphones and a completely portable smartphone, much has been written in recent years about digital televisions that no longer need cables thanks to wireless power. This means that you only have one monitor that is supplied with the necessary energy remotely. To many people, it sounds like a dream, as you no longer have to pull cables and no longer hang wires in sight. RTL Nieuws also wrote about this earlier in this article: Samsung would have filed a patent application in 2018.

It probably does not surprise anyone that it is Samsung working on this. Samsung has been a forerunner in digital television and everything that has to do with it for many years. The patent says that the television must have some kind of coil that can collect power remotely. The power transmitter is located near the television, for example in the soundbar below the screen. Although no more has been known about this development, you can already contact Samsung for transparent cables and other tips and tricks to make your TV disappear into your interior.

Will cables end soon?

The fact is that a lot has happened in the field of wireless technology in recent years. A smartphone that you can charge completely wirelessly and headphones and earphones that you no longer need cables for. It almost sounds like cables are completely unnecessary to get the most out of a device. However, this does not have to mean that the near future will be completely wireless.

This is because the electricity still has to come from somewhere. As long as the concept of ‘energy’ in itself can not be made wireless, we will therefore always have to work with cables somewhere. It is expected that more and more applications can be supplied with energy wirelessly. Think of laptops, tablets and maybe even refrigerators or washing machines. Time will tell.

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