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Everything you buy online, every subscription you sign up for; if you have a question about it, sometimes you just want someone on the phone. Yource, the market leader in customer contact in the Benelux, understands this. Therefore, in addition to chatbots and other digital tools, it always has a human being of flesh and blood standing. So nice.

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May 9, 2022

Robin jansen your customer contact

Robin Jansen from Yource: market leader in customer contact in the Benelux, and in the long run even throughout Europe. Photo: Yource.

It probably sounds familiar: You’ll be called up by your telecommunications provider. Your subscription expires in four months, but they can already ‘give a good personal offer’. Remarkable, because in the past, customer contact was primarily limited to the invoices that could be seen on a monthly basis and the mandatory birthday wishes. Finally, as a customer, you feel a little spoiled.

This is what Robin Jansen (41), CEO of Yource, is happy to read on AD. For there is a good chance this email is coming from his sleeve. His company regulates the ‘customer experience’ of several telecommunications providers. In fact, many major players are his customers: banks, energy suppliers, postal companies, online stores and even public authorities.

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Optimal customer experience

They hire Yource to help their customers in the best possible way. Because a satisfied customer is a loyal customer, Jansen has known since studying at Erasmus University. At the time, he even worked at a contact center. A flexible and well-paid side job, where he laid the foundation for his later empire.

,, Because I liked that part-time job so much, I regularly recruited fellow students. Volunteer at first, but after graduating I decided to make things more professional. In 2002, I founded Fintrex, a company that not only recruits but also trains and trains customer contact staff. “

‘Your employees are the most important capital in your organization and your company’s success factor’

The contact center, where he was once behind the service, became his first customer. ,, For each new employee that I lined up, I asked for a small contribution per. worked hour. Because of my contacts in my student association, I quickly had a pool of about a hundred people on hand. ”

At the time, Jansen still believed in the ‘stubborn adventure’ that by letting others work for himself, he should not do much himself. It quickly turned out that none of that was true. Your employees are the most important capital in your organization and the success factor for your business. A good entrepreneur therefore takes good care of his employees, to keep them motivated and sharp. I already had a daily job with it alone. “

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Nevertheless, Jansen never gave up, ‘because healthy and happy employees are involved, productive and sustainable employees’. Exactly what you want if you, like him, put an honor in quality customer contact. A company that costs about 1.5 to 2 billion euros a year in the Netherlands alone.

Fastest growing company in the Netherlands

Fintrex also managed to take a big bite of that cake for years. In fact, it was repeatedly voted the fastest growing company in the Netherlands. But Jansen, spurred on by a poster of Neil Armstrong in his office, wanted more.

As the first human on the moon, I also wanted to make the impossible possible. In 2015, I therefore started working on a plan that would allow us to become the market leader in our industry. A plan that two years later resulted in a sale of Fintrex to a private equity fund. Investors who, with that acquisition, gave us the financial strength to enable further growth and technological development. ”

‘We now do business in eight countries with more than 12,000 employees, whom we call members. Because just like in the beginning, they are the foundation of our success’

From that moment on, the name changed to Yource, which two years ago took over the biggest competitor Cendris and thus became the market leader in one fell swoop. Jansen: ,, We now do business in eight countries with more than 12,000 employees members to mention. Because just like in the beginning, they are the foundation of our success. ”

Complicated conversations

Jansen is not in favor of digitization just for the sake of digitization. “Of course we also use chatbots, but only for the easy questions. Our members therefore have time to conduct the more complicated conversations. Supported by an IT team of more than a hundred people, who use all kinds of data and algorithms to assess why a customer picks up the phone in the first place. ”

“For example, if we see someone calling after seeing their bill online, that person might consider canceling their subscription. In that case, he gets someone on the phone who can tell him all about it or keep him as a customer. “In this way, we try to find the best match every time. Because the more often the callers are switched, the less satisfied they are.”

‘We are in the process of establishing our own vocational education at MBO and HBO level. As soon as the accreditation is completed, we hope to be able to offer these educations nationwide in the summer of 2023 ‘

This approach requires new competencies from the staff, where empathy for Jansen outweighs the right diplomas. “You can or cannot feel an atmosphere or mood. You can not really learn that. All other skills, such as language skills, are. That is why we are now creating our own vocational education at MBO and HBO level. As soon as the accreditation is completed, we hope to be able to offer these programs nationwide by the summer of 2023. “

Customer contact school

Whether such a ‘customer contact school’ is necessary in these digital times? Jansen thinks so. “Consumers are only becoming more demanding. The number of questions that companies receive is only increasing. You can also see that people are increasingly negotiating the price, ”he continues.

“In Asia, young people already do it when they see nice pants online, but pay a little less for it than the retailer had thought. There is a good chance that this trend is blowing over. And then you want someone with knowledge behind the buttons or on the phone. ”

Yours ‘members’ at work on one of the floors of the contact center. Photo: Yource.

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