Inflation is rising sharply, cause for concern? ‘I’m afraid it’s getting worse’

Inflation is rising sharply, cause for concern?  ‘I’m afraid it’s getting worse’

The weekly market in Bemmel, Thursday. Purchasing power is not keeping pace with economic growth.Statue Marcel van den Bergh

Arjen Vliegenthart, director of knowledge center Nibud:

“Inflation is primarily related to groceries and energy, which many people cannot cut back on. A lot has been saved in the corona era, but research shows that people who have saved already had a buffer. Others can not. We know that every fifth person does not have a savings account, and 18 percent of people with a savings account have less than $ 2,000 in it. There is an accumulation of vulnerability. The economy is doing well, the recovery is faster than expected. But now purchasing power and economic growth do not always go hand in hand. It feels paradoxical. Everyone sees that there is inflation, but not everyone notices it. ‘

Kim Witte, welfare recipient:

‘A penny extra for each product in the supermarket is a lot of money for me. I always shop with such a self-scanner so I can keep track of exactly how much I put in my basket on my phone. I have already calculated in advance what I can use. When people say: it’s only 5 euros, I think: it’s a kilo of minced meat for my two children. I turn everything into meat because it’s expensive. I do not eat it myself. I would love to spoil my kids with an afternoon at the cinema, but the three of us just can not right now. We often go out into nature, which is free. And I’m glad the gingerbread is already in the store. Then I can give my boys something delicious, such a big bag costs only 1.99. ‘

Zakaria Boufangacha, Vice President of the FNV Trade Union:

‘We are committed to automatic price compensation. And on top of that, we want a fixed wage development of 100 euros a month. Especially those with the minimum wage have gotten worse, for them the 100 euros means a relatively larger increase. I think it’s sad that employers are talking about a wage-price spiral. If the price of labor were at a good level, we would take a break, but wages have not grown sufficiently in line with profits and prosperity.

‘Wage developments over the past decade have only just managed to keep up with inflation. It has to be done with endless negotiations and then just compensate for inflation, it should happen automatically. The fact that we can hardly keep up with inflation in a number of sectors shows that the Union needs to be strengthened again. Flexibility has weakened our position in some industries. A strong union and people who stand up for a good agreement are crucial. ‘

Paul van Selms, Director of the Consumer United Consumers:

‘I am afraid that inflation will continue for a while and get even worse. In the past, everyone had a pot to get through lean times, but now it is expected that the government will help in case of adversity. People are also not aware that certain necessities of life are relatively inexpensive and can sometimes suddenly become more expensive. Energy prices have now fallen several times. Then you as a consumer can be surprised and angry, but we have always had relatively low petrol prices. The Dutch consumer is doing quite well. Of course, there is a group at the bottom that does not have it easy that needs to be helped. But I think it will happen. ”

Willem Schuddeboom, chairman of the Dutch Association for Pension Interests:

“I estimate that 40 to 60 percent of retirees suffer from inflation. There are two million people. The average group will especially notice what they receive around 10 thousand euros a year. The bottom group is still somewhat compensated with supplements. People underestimate how many retirees live in rented houses, especially the group over 75 years. Previously rented 70 percent, now 70 percent live in an owner-occupied home. The group of tenants suffers from the increased rents and often can not do much to save on energy consumption. In addition, the pension funds have not been indexed since 2008, the arrears on supplementary pension are currently 20 percent. Many pensioners are now poorer than when they worked, and that has never been the intention ‘.

Kim White:

‘I received a message from Essent that my contract is still good, but if I have to pay much more in the future, I do not know what to do. Living in the dark? In my apartment building, the meters are already ready for solar panels. Many public housing units have received these, but we do not have them yet. So I want to ask our housing association about that ‘.

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