Live blog | Russian Victory Day filled with war in Ukraine

It is day 75 of the war in Ukraine. And it is also May 9, the day Russia celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany. Usually a holiday in Russia, but this year the day will also be about the war in Ukraine. On this day, President Vladimir Putin will demonstrate his military prowess and deliver a speech.

A woman holds up a sign in front of the Georgian parliament during a demonstration in support of Ukraine in Tbilisi.
A woman holds up a sign in front of the Georgian parliament during a demonstration in support of Ukraine in Tbilisi.ANP / Vano SHLAMOV / AFP

UK: Russia’s stockpile of precision weapons is severely depleted

08:46 | Russia has “emptied its stockpile of precision weapons,” reports the British Ministry of Defense. He said in a daily intelligence update that Russian troops are therefore using obsolete ammunition in Ukraine.

The obsolete ammunition is not only less reliable and accurate, but also easier to intercept. At the beginning of the invasion, Russia stated that it could hit targets with great precision and limit side damage. Precision weapons are running out as the war lasts longer than Russia expected, the ministry said.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov contradicts the information from London. He has said that Russia has enough high-precision missiles and ammunition, according to the Russian news agency Interfax, for the army to solve all its tasks.

The British claim that Russia is likely to fight to replace the precision weapons. The invasion has revealed shortcomings in Russia’s ability to carry out large-scale precision attacks. Russia has subjected cities and towns in Ukraine to intense and arbitrary bombings with little or no regard for civilian casualties. “

Russia’s Victory Day is also about war in Ukraine

07:15 | It is May 9, the day Russia celebrates victory over Nazi Germany. Usually a holiday in Russia, but this year the day will also be about the war in Ukraine. The ceremony is also a way for President Vladimir Putin to show his military prowess. The president will also deliver a speech that experts around the world are watching with excitement.

Putin, for example, could officially declare war on Ukraine. Other theories concern the annexation of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics to Russia or the final declaration of victory in Mariupol. ‘We have to wait and see what will really happen,’ says Russia correspondent Joost Bosman. It also says defense specialist at The Hague Center for Strategic Studies Peter Wijninga. “The rumors are very persistent.”

Costs of receiving refugees on the mayors’ agenda

03:30 | The costs that the municipalities have to bear if they want to receive refugees for a longer period of time are the only item on the Security Council’s agenda on Monday. The 25 mayors who chair a security region have already sounded the alarm to the cabinet about necessary investments, but these are sometimes difficult for the individual municipalities to afford. They will nail it to the head on Monday.

Council President Hubert Bruls, Mayor of Nijmegen, cites the rent of a large building as an example. According to him, it can cost up to a million euros a year. The municipality must have permission from the public sector as the developer. The mayors want such decisions to be made quickly. The National Reception Organization (NOO) mentioned by Secretary of State Eric van der Burg could be a step in the right direction.

But the mayors also have concerns about the cost of, among other things, education and medical care. This becomes more expensive as there are several small reception points in a security region. They are in favor of large facilities, such as the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA), which urgently seek shelters where refugees can be accommodated for a longer period of time. The Cabinet wants 75,000 beds to be available specifically for Ukrainian refugees in the summer.

Britain tightens economic sanctions against Russia and Belarus

00:25 | The United Kingdom on Sunday raised its platinum and palladium import duties from Russia and Belarus. The measure is part of a new package of economic sanctions aimed at reducing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war budget. Russia is a major producer of platinum and palladium.

The UK will also increase tariffs on a number of other products by 35 percentage points. The new measures are aimed at a trade of almost 2 billion euros. Britain also wants to ban the export of goods such as chemicals, plastics, rubber and machinery to Russia. That export is good for about 300 million euros. In total, Britain has now announced import and export sanctions related to merchandise worth more than 4.5 billion euros, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer said on Sunday.

Britain has also imposed sanctions on more than 1,000 people and companies as punishment for their involvement in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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