Must read: The Chinese stock market makes sense


Plus: Buy high returns, European CEOs are pessimistic, EM shares fall, dotcom crash 2.0, investors buy less sustainably and more.

Long-term investor, buy high returns!
Capital Group is very positive about corporate bonds. “Many of the negative news has already been factored into prices and interest rates are now looking very attractive.”

Aegon AM adjusts the model portfolio
Aegon AM is not very positive about the global economy and has therefore reduced portfolio risks. US stocks and real estate funds are still seen as promising, as are credits.

European CEOs fear the worst
Top executives from several major European companies have told CNBC that they see a major recession looming in Europe. The same warning signals are heard from different sectors.

Shares EM through the well

Do not buy the Chinese stock dip yet
Taoufik Boussebaa, Head of Investment Strategy at Rabobank: “The weakening of the yuan does not immediately represent a significant turnaround for Chinese equities. It will come when there is more insight into the phasing out of lockdowns and when the pressure on Chinese tech companies is actually promised. ” Equity growth is expected to start again in the second half of this year. Good story.

Russian oil boycott is difficult
Completely stopping the import of Russian oil and oil products into the EU before the end of the year, as the European Commission would like, is easier said than done. In any case, Shell CEO Ben van Beurden can not guarantee that Russian oil will come to the EU by a detour. RTL Z has the story.

Dotcom Crash 2.0
Michael Batnick sees great similarities between the current technology crash and the emptying of the dotcom bubble a little over 20 years ago.

Spreading makes no sense
because everything goes down.

Inflow to ESG funds affected by inflation and war
Fund investors were reluctant to invest in sustainable investment funds in the first quarter. Fears and uncertainty about rising inflation and the disruptive effects of the war in Ukraine caused a sharp drop in the inflow of new funds, reports Morningstar. Here is the similar story from Lipper Rifinitiv.

Energy conversion is also becoming more expensive

Nice long-term returns can be quite disappointing in the short term
Ben Carlson: “When you invest in the stock market, you don’t just get 8-10% year in and year out. No, you get a combination of big gains followed by bone-chilling losses. It has to be like that or in the long run. Returns would not exist.” Read!

Are you looking for inflation coverage?

Active vs Passive
The return on IEX Fund 40 (actively managed investment funds) and IEX Index 20+ (ETFs).

The future of banks is …?
“Bet on technology and a personal approach to an extremely friendly customer journey. That’s where the future lies,” says John Koetsier from fintech company N26 Holland).

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